Thursday, 3 June 2010


So! Finished University now. How do you lot do it? I'm bored as hell already. I'll be meeting the rest of you graduates in the dole que next year down Hertford by the council builings right? Thought as much. Good things though, me and McMess now have more time for you slaggywags. And that makes me happier than a kid touching his first pair of tits. Ecstatic, to say the least. For now, during this next year and further from that - the Gooch will be getting bigger and expanding - so stay prepared. So, I've burnt all of my books over the last three years because who gives a fuck.

Oh yeah, and I've got some astounding tunes for you as a celebration.

Number one, and its a biggun. Alot of people have been waiting a long time for this release and here it is. Borgore's best release so far, in my opinion, absolutely complimentary dubs on top of Passion Pit's tune 'Sleepyhead'. This is definitely a dub classic for summer 2010.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) / ALT

Number two, and it's a VIP release from from Sub Focus under RAM records, the B side for Splash. Both mint tunes. The name Sub Focus is so hot at the moment, I'm sure you'll download it excusing whatever shit I write here.

Sub Focus - Coming Closer (VIP) / ALT

Number 3, another big anticipated release! You might have a 2.31 minute copy of 'Got 2 Know' by Flux Pavilion, but here's the release in it's full 5.50 amazingness. Did I mention this is an astounding tune? Well if I didn''s an astounding tune.

Flux Pavilion - Got 2 Know / ALT - REMOVED

And last, the legend who bought us such bangers such as Gold Dust and Hypercaine (before Nero did that banging remix of it), it's DJ Fresh. DJ Fresh goes straight to Dubstep with his single 'Fight', which is absolutely cracking work. Epic string goodness, mixed in with very original wubs - you want to slam this one in your set collection straight away.

DJ Fresh - Fight / ALT - REMOVED

Enjoy the sunshine twiggaz!


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