Wednesday, 19 May 2010

About time.

Well well well. Stumbled upon an absolute dreamboat of a tune today, and it's a random one.
Take High Contrast, then grab on Underworld (90s English genius's....Born Slippy....ring any bells) put them into a bowl and give it a good stir. Basically they're making an album together, and by the sounds of it, its gonna be smash my tits off fantastic. Abit poppy, but absolute ace production skills and very catchy. It's got my vote. Unlike Dave Cameron. £66 million cuts in arts funds? Not thanks squire. Anyway, have a toke on's fucking gold!

High Contrast and Underworld - Scribble / ALT

Hotter than your nans wig steamer.



Sunday, 16 May 2010

Work has really kicked in.

Right. Before I lose my life for the next 2 weeks due to a copious work load I have managed to avoid untill now, I've decided to send a couple of tunes over to you, the masses. All of these tunes are sick, so download these straight into the musical hub of your hard drive. Or you'll regret it.

Don't know how clued up you are, but Belgium boy Netsky has released his self entitled album, and chrissst on a bike its massive. Liquid DnB has never sounded so juicy. So, here is one of my top picks of the album, absolute summer tune.

Netsky - Secret Agent

Next, hailing from Tel Aviv is Tomba. His dubstep is usually quite dark and not my cup of chai latte, however this tune has been a great number for myself over the last month. Great vocal sample.

Jaws - Tomba / ALT

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the cream of the crop. Zeds Dead usually do a pretty good job, but this tune is far above all their others in my opinion. With an absolute quality sample, this tune will be played hopefully in everyone's sets soon.

Zeds Dead - White Satin /ALT <----- Yeeees! One of my favouite producers at the moment, purely because he has got completly his own style which I could listen to hours on end. Reverse synth/Dub/Future Garage all merged into one, James Blake constructs an absolute unique sound, and I love him for this.

James Blake - CYMK / ALT - Removed by request.


Any Monkey Island fans out there? Ha. Well check this out, nice little Dubbie/Synth rework of the theme tune. Pure novelty value. Clusterfrog presents:

Clusterfrog - You Fight Like a Cow / ALT

Love you all.


Monday, 3 May 2010

ratatat lp4

What do you get if you if you breed romance with a musical summer? Well, apart from a few trips to the Bestival drop-in pharmacy expect to welcome Ratatat's big-beautiful-bouncing-baby a.k.a. 'LP4'.

Ratatat - Sunblocks [removed by request]