Saturday, 3 April 2010


Back in Hertfordshire, what a delight. Only real positive note is that it is far closer to London than Bath is. However, plans were spoiled as rowdy queuers injured ten police officers forcing American Apparel to close down their heavily discounted rummage sale in Brick Lane. God bless you London and your love for queueing and fighting.

Anyway, getting to the nitty gritty, sent over to us the other day was a lad by the name of Thomas Leer offering us some tech house. I tell you what, I'm glad I clicked on that zippyshare link because it's a right belter which will be slammed in my future sets, a lovely tech house vibe with echoes of euphoria. Thomas goes under the name T.T.Harkin, and here's a little bit about the fellow:

''Hailing from London; T.T.Harkin first was introduced to electronic music when his cousin played him the opening track of 1990 album 'Experience' by The Prodigy. Hooked on the production value of the 90s rave culture he began writing music of his own influenced by artists such as faithless, massive attack and primal scream. Fusing new school electro stylings with the epic euphoria of crescendo building Techno T.T. is creating his own interpretation of Tech House music using a host of live hardware and software based midi interfacing by his side. The dawn of a new decade… 2010 is going to be a year of remixing, DJing and writing darker more euphoric dance music....''

T.T.Harkin - Crouching Tiger /ALT <------Top download.

Pirupa - Get Funky (T.T.Harkin Remix) / ALT

Keep an eye on this lad, I will be doing the same.

Enjoy these tunes, they are big.


Added Bonus

Came across this, what a quality song choice to cover from one of my favourite bands:

Nouvelle Vague - Making Plans for Nigel (XTC Cover) / ALT

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