Thursday, 1 April 2010

a synth fetish

Ever had one of those dreams where you're rollerskating in space? Nah nor have I, but if you did ODahl's remix of Toomy Disco - Back From Cosmos would more than likely be the soundtrack. Punching and clapping, ODahl spins us through a breezy cosmic galaxy of disco ball comets, neon sherbet saucers and rockets that look suspiciously like Madonna's cone bras of the 80s.

The next one makes me want to steal a white, soft-top Testarossa and aptly burn it down SoBe at dusk. The best I can do is a melted Mr Whippy down Brighton beach though. Good enough! This track is more addictive than a cigarette that burns mammary-shaped smoke.

Muffin - Beach Rd. [Mediafire]


1 comment:

  1. Love this style, You made my day. Do you know any similar tracks/artist ? thank you