Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Above: Our stupid housemate Ashe Palmer.

Well, England has hit 15 degrees celcius. Thats right, tops off lads and tits out for the women with those oh-so-juicy short skirts. Brilliant. I loved the puzzled foreign tourists in Bath, not knowing why everyone is wearing basically bikinis whilst they are double wrapped in wool cardigans. God bless the English. This brings me to wondering why people are getting annoyed about being away in Spain in the bloody sunshine due to the volcano extended holiday in Spain sounds pretty juicy to me. Brits do love a good whinge.

Which ultimately brings me to today's post. It's sunny. It's chilled. It's laaaid back. Who wants to listen to dubstep? We have nothing to be angry about anymore! Here's some lovely future garage for your ears. So chill the fuck out, stop whining, crack open a beer and get on with it.

First up are some of my favourite guys at the moment, the 'Boogaloo Crew'. And boy, they got such a good thing going on. This remix of Jose's Gonzale's hit tune 'Crosses' is definitely one of the best I've heard. Saaweeet.

Jose Gonzales - Crosses (Boogaloo Crew Remix) / ALT
<----Firm Gooch favourite Steve Gurley. Never heard of him? Listen to this remix of 'Walk on by' and you'll realise it's a name worth remembering. This masterful VIP remix just blends with the lyrics, and makes sex in my pants.

Steve Gurley - Walk on by (VIP mix) / ALT

Von D. Again a French name I've never heard of until I heard this track a couple of months back. This tune I can imagine listening to, chilling out on a beach in the Ibiza bay. Great mellow bass and that smooth guitar/piano sample just glides over the top effortlessly, with Moxy Phinx's lucious voice which accompanies it. 9/10.

Miss Maui - Von D ft Moxy Phinx / ALT

Easy guys.


PS. Big up to the old dear, my mother, stuck in Ireland due to volcanic activity at the moment probably getting pissed on the old Guinness. God bless ya! Haha.


  1. Jose Gonzales - Crosses (Boogaloo Crew Remix) is such an amazing song...been playing it like crazy lately!

    big ups!

  2. Ha! Yes mate. Quaality tune. Nice little revival of the song I reckon!

  3. props for not being afraid to use the word cunt. cunt is the new fuck. get it out there!

  4. The Boogaloo Crew remix is fine, but it pales in comparison to that absolutely epic Stanton Warriors remix of "Crosses" from a few years back.

  5. love the Jose Gonzalez boogaloo remix! thanks!

  6. blog name wins. that is all.

  7. I love 'The Boogaloo Crew Remix' of Crosses. Its good how they've kept the best aspects of the original, and then freshened it up. Been listening to it heaps. Cheers for the post!