Thursday, 1 April 2010

Not Guilty (9)

Alright fellows. As I sit from day to day on the couch our landlord bought for 99 pence of Ebay, I come across afew tunes. The couch has tune history. And no different. I have been widely anticipating this tune. Superheavyweight dub-kings, Nero, releases their new single 'Innocence' to the masses. This tune is a combination of the floating vocals of 'Hypercaine', their unique wub and some....trance? 'Have a go on this', as they say.

Nero - Innocence / ALT

Easy now.



  1. wow this tune is such a tuning tune. cheers tune i mean denzi. tune.

  2. as much as I hate to say it....the trance elements dont take away *too* much from the dub beats...which are hard and nero-nice :) its a breather tuner though