Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Above: Our stupid housemate Ashe Palmer.

Well, England has hit 15 degrees celcius. Thats right, tops off lads and tits out for the women with those oh-so-juicy short skirts. Brilliant. I loved the puzzled foreign tourists in Bath, not knowing why everyone is wearing basically bikinis whilst they are double wrapped in wool cardigans. God bless the English. This brings me to wondering why people are getting annoyed about being away in Spain in the bloody sunshine due to the volcano extended holiday in Spain sounds pretty juicy to me. Brits do love a good whinge.

Which ultimately brings me to today's post. It's sunny. It's chilled. It's laaaid back. Who wants to listen to dubstep? We have nothing to be angry about anymore! Here's some lovely future garage for your ears. So chill the fuck out, stop whining, crack open a beer and get on with it.

First up are some of my favourite guys at the moment, the 'Boogaloo Crew'. And boy, they got such a good thing going on. This remix of Jose's Gonzale's hit tune 'Crosses' is definitely one of the best I've heard. Saaweeet.

Jose Gonzales - Crosses (Boogaloo Crew Remix) / ALT
<----Firm Gooch favourite Steve Gurley. Never heard of him? Listen to this remix of 'Walk on by' and you'll realise it's a name worth remembering. This masterful VIP remix just blends with the lyrics, and makes sex in my pants.

Steve Gurley - Walk on by (VIP mix) / ALT

Von D. Again a French name I've never heard of until I heard this track a couple of months back. This tune I can imagine listening to, chilling out on a beach in the Ibiza bay. Great mellow bass and that smooth guitar/piano sample just glides over the top effortlessly, with Moxy Phinx's lucious voice which accompanies it. 9/10.

Miss Maui - Von D ft Moxy Phinx / ALT

Easy guys.


PS. Big up to the old dear, my mother, stuck in Ireland due to volcanic activity at the moment probably getting pissed on the old Guinness. God bless ya! Haha.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

who said there was a difficult second album syndrome?

Probably an editor of NME. Well, what do you expect from a magazine who had the audacity to rate Justice's a bamboozling 6 out of 10. Only six? If they slate Crystal Castles' follow-up album (unofficially dubbed CC2) then that's it, we will definitely be over for good.

Crystal Castles - Suffocation

Crystal Castles - Vietnam

Crystal Castles - Intimate

You can pre-order the album from Amazon.


bouncin in the club where the heat is on, all night on the beach til the break of dawn...

"Oh yeah I love squeezing tits too, Barack."

Kusto!, a big cheese for Miami blog Archetype, has somehow (amongst the Icelandic volcanic ash chaos) shipped us over his new mix from the other side of the pond. Cor blimey, it's a strong one.

Kusto! - Skeleton Dance

Hey Today! - Toasted
High Powered Boys - Highway
Kill the Noise - Perfect Combination [ysi]
Strip Steve - Breakin (Rynecologist Remix) [ysi]
Mowgli - London to Paris
Lazy Flow - Mojitoast (Kazey & Bulldog Mix)
Teen Wolf - Yeah Girl
Sound of Stereo - Flatland
Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Foamo Remix)
The Cribs - Man's Needs (Goose Remix)

Give the boys some further love on Facebook.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

yes will, this certainly is a history repeated

Turns out I ballsed up this post before, so here's the Groove Armada and Will Young single again.

Groove Armada Feat. Will Young - History [removed by request, but you can still listen to it on Hype Machine]

McMess (sulking)

Friday, 9 April 2010


"Ohhhhh shit. Erm... Mr Fake Blood, I think your Ableton has crashed."

I've had a vision. In 20 or so years time human beings (more specifically British ones) will tragically attempt to land on Mars for a wine & cheese evening, with maybe a quick round of 9 holes. Forget about the NASA-enforced American national anthem or even 'God Save the King' (presuming the old girl has snuffed it); 3 minutes and 29 seconds before the shit-your-pants-time countdown; I expect (as director of this mission) spectators and astronauts to be skanking out to this:

Fake Blood - Mars (At Dawn We Rage Dubstep Remix) [Mediafire]


imma be listening to these non-stop

Last summer, on what was a fine and breezy day, Winnie The Pooh suffered a nasty honey overdose. After a swift recovery and cherishing a second chance at life, Pooh wrote a song, reflecting on some of the hallucinations he experienced. A demo was sent out to producers all over the Hundred Acre Wood, but no one was willing to pick up the track. Fortunately for Pooh, snapped up the opportunity and spent many blustery days tucked away in the studio, making final tweaks to perfect 'Imma Be'. With Christopher Robin pulling out at the last minute, reliable friends BEP stepped in to provide vocals and finish what Pooh had started many months before.
Wolfgang Gartner layered in a few bleeps and a touch of miami bass to add to the EP; accompanied by a mystical rendition from Danger, who was inspired by a personal visit to Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood (which he latterly described as "shit scary", stating he saw "some rather fucked up shit in there!"). Sadly, Piglet and Eeyore's remix didn't cut the mustard and was rejected by Interscope.

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) [Mediafire]

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be (Danger Olympic Remix) [Mediafire]


Thursday, 8 April 2010

kitsuné 9

So the new Kitsuné Compilation (No#9 - wow, how time flies!) is out at the end of the month and yes, it features another eclectic mix of fresh songs, carefully hand picked by those wily, fashionable french foxes. Listening to a Kitsuné compilation, in my opinion, is better than watching Skins; better than sniffing Miaow Miaow; better than watching Tori Black videos on an iPad; and definitely better than Justin Bieber. Kitsuné represent the epitome of 'the present' through irresistibly cool records. For the older generations, desperately scouring for the fountain of youth, seek no further than this.

Initial thoughts when looking at the tracklist led me to believe that Lifelike and Yuksek would be the highlights. I don't think I was wrong, but keep your lugholes open for unsurprisingly strong appearances from The Twelves, Jamaica, Holy Ghost! and Logo.

Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike Remix)

Yuksek - Supermenz (We're Not)

Sorry ladies and gents, I'm only going to upload these on YSI for the sake of the Kitsuné and the artists, so be quick! I'm also too lazy. If you're really good and can hold out till the end of the month, you'll be able to download the record for a fiver from Amazon.


Monday, 5 April 2010

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Back in Hertfordshire, what a delight. Only real positive note is that it is far closer to London than Bath is. However, plans were spoiled as rowdy queuers injured ten police officers forcing American Apparel to close down their heavily discounted rummage sale in Brick Lane. God bless you London and your love for queueing and fighting.

Anyway, getting to the nitty gritty, sent over to us the other day was a lad by the name of Thomas Leer offering us some tech house. I tell you what, I'm glad I clicked on that zippyshare link because it's a right belter which will be slammed in my future sets, a lovely tech house vibe with echoes of euphoria. Thomas goes under the name T.T.Harkin, and here's a little bit about the fellow:

''Hailing from London; T.T.Harkin first was introduced to electronic music when his cousin played him the opening track of 1990 album 'Experience' by The Prodigy. Hooked on the production value of the 90s rave culture he began writing music of his own influenced by artists such as faithless, massive attack and primal scream. Fusing new school electro stylings with the epic euphoria of crescendo building Techno T.T. is creating his own interpretation of Tech House music using a host of live hardware and software based midi interfacing by his side. The dawn of a new decade… 2010 is going to be a year of remixing, DJing and writing darker more euphoric dance music....''

T.T.Harkin - Crouching Tiger /ALT <------Top download.

Pirupa - Get Funky (T.T.Harkin Remix) / ALT

Keep an eye on this lad, I will be doing the same.

Enjoy these tunes, they are big.


Added Bonus

Came across this, what a quality song choice to cover from one of my favourite bands:

Nouvelle Vague - Making Plans for Nigel (XTC Cover) / ALT

Friday, 2 April 2010


We've just been sent in a disgusting dubstep track by Phonetix, who's produced a track that I presume will have an edited version of this deeply moving clip for its music video.

Phonetix Feat. Mr Fraizer - Snappin' Ya Tendons


young groove

Tonight's distraction from my work will come in the form of Friday Night With (a silly haired and embarrassingly crude) Jonathan Woss; oh what a night I have in store! Thankfully, this week Groove Armada & Willy Young provide the music. Expect to see a live rendition of, first single, 'History' from GA's brilliant sixth studio album 'Black Light'. Shamefully, I've only just had my first listen of it and was quickly reminded of this:

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

And then this:

Robyn Feat. Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Those are little clues as to what to expect from 'History', except with Will's echoey, electronic-fitting vocals. I'm gunna bump this baby up to 130bpm and bang her out next time I shove a disk into the pioneers.

Groove Armada Feat. Will Young - History

Keep it vintage,

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Not Guilty (9)

Alright fellows. As I sit from day to day on the couch our landlord bought for 99 pence of Ebay, I come across afew tunes. The couch has tune history. And no different. I have been widely anticipating this tune. Superheavyweight dub-kings, Nero, releases their new single 'Innocence' to the masses. This tune is a combination of the floating vocals of 'Hypercaine', their unique wub and some....trance? 'Have a go on this', as they say.

Nero - Innocence / ALT

Easy now.


a synth fetish

Ever had one of those dreams where you're rollerskating in space? Nah nor have I, but if you did ODahl's remix of Toomy Disco - Back From Cosmos would more than likely be the soundtrack. Punching and clapping, ODahl spins us through a breezy cosmic galaxy of disco ball comets, neon sherbet saucers and rockets that look suspiciously like Madonna's cone bras of the 80s.

The next one makes me want to steal a white, soft-top Testarossa and aptly burn it down SoBe at dusk. The best I can do is a melted Mr Whippy down Brighton beach though. Good enough! This track is more addictive than a cigarette that burns mammary-shaped smoke.

Muffin - Beach Rd. [Mediafire]


just a little plug

Decided to set up a SoundCloud account this evening. Wow, some very good things on there. "Would you like to upload any tracks or sets?" made me feel a wee bit glum, but then I remembered that I have produced a couple of half an hour-ish mixes. This is my first dubstep mix, constructed post-party last summer when I was a very hungover mess (that's not an excuse).
Here's the original post that accompanied it, in case you're curious of what we blathered on about before featuring of Hype Machine. Apparently you might be able to download this in 128kbps too?

Hackney by McMess