Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sharing is fun.

Hangovers. Great for just fucking around in bed and finding new music. And boy, I've got afew treats for you on this lovely day we're having which I've been sent over by a couple of people (fucking grim oustide though).

Bath's local white 'Chris Kamara' wannabe Ben McAleer shouted me afew minutes ago on facebook suggesting I get my act together and listen to a certain track by an 18 year old producer who hails from North Wales, UK - Chrispy is his name.....and Inspector Gadget is his game. Get on this, for it is going to hit dance floors all around the country soon!

Chrispy - Inspector Gadget (Dubstep Refix)

Next up, local Blue Rooms pervert specialist George Painter sent me over this, which again is a huge shout. Producer Coven, name Max Rowat, cranks out this terrifically hilarious dubstep remix of the well known show 'Animal Park' - and it even samples Rolf Harris! Pure brilliance. This has also got some radio one playage, so well played Coven.

Coven - Animal Park (Dubstep Rolf Harris Remix) / ALT

Have a good'n! Enjoy these belters.


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