Monday, 29 March 2010

dizzee who?

Having spent a lot of the last 18 months in a bedroom the size of a matchbox, it's very surreal and slightly agoraphobic being back at my parent's house in a big, empty room. Not knowing what to do with myself except the obvious, I found myself rooting around my old CD's; one of which brought an immediate smile of nostalgia to my relieved, albeit sweaty, face.
It's a very special and personal CD as it's a copied one that my 'spent all my money on drugs' brother had generously given me many years ago for my 15th birthday. I was blown away by these 16 tracks, pushing me through and beyond the boundaries of De La Soul, J5 or Dilated Peoples. This would be the day my ears were first exposed to the beauty of real UK Hip Hop.

Roll back the clock,



  1. Word up man, I have also not landed many a 360 flip to these bangers :)

  2. going watching jehst this weekend for the first time.
    Wonder what classics come out the hat.