Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I knew I should have copyrighted those dance moves. Right, so this just popped into our inbox and already it's left a huge pool of sweat all over my seat. No lies, The American Dream Team have done a pretty handy bit of construction work on fit N-Joi's house classic 'Anthem'.
Ready, Sweaty, Go!

N-Joi - Anthem (TADT Remix) [Mediafire]

Now for some tea and porridge,

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

"it's good to be back"

Remember that band called Bloc Party? Just about? Silent Alarm, wow what a debut (and only £3.49 these days, crumbs!) It all went a bit tits up after that though, didn't it. Never mind, majestically skating along the tracks of their woes, ironically (I first heard this band a couple of years ago via Russell Lissack), glided Tokyo Police Club.

Tokyo Police Club - Citizens of Tomorrow

Their debut LP '
Elephant Shell' is so sweet it comes as a disk made from maple syrup, slowly oozing over your Corn Flakes as the album rapidly progresses; "rapid" being the key word here. If the album arrived in a human disguise you would probably be offering a Canadian Ronnie Corbett look-a-like a cup of tea on your doorstep. With only one song brave enough to venture over the 3 minute mark, Elephant Shell is over before it's began. But what's the expression: Elephants never forget?
Dave and the boys effortlessly encapsulated those short, quaint bursts of frivolous excitement and mischief you and your mates never forget. It's fodder for silly hearts and those who thrive on nostalgic youth.

Tokyo Police Club - Graves

Tokyo Police Club - Juno

Tokyo Police Club - Sixties Remake

Good news! Finishing where they left off, new single 'Breakneck Speed' from the soon-to-be-released follow up LP 'Champ', maturely expands Tokyo Police Club's structure by comfortably stretching to an astounding 3 minutes 45 seconds. Wowsers.

Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

Right, I'm off to play Power Rangers and eat jelly with my bestest friends!


Monday, 29 March 2010

dizzee who?

Having spent a lot of the last 18 months in a bedroom the size of a matchbox, it's very surreal and slightly agoraphobic being back at my parent's house in a big, empty room. Not knowing what to do with myself except the obvious, I found myself rooting around my old CD's; one of which brought an immediate smile of nostalgia to my relieved, albeit sweaty, face.
It's a very special and personal CD as it's a copied one that my 'spent all my money on drugs' brother had generously given me many years ago for my 15th birthday. I was blown away by these 16 tracks, pushing me through and beyond the boundaries of De La Soul, J5 or Dilated Peoples. This would be the day my ears were first exposed to the beauty of real UK Hip Hop.

Roll back the clock,


Mitsabishi / Cockney Disco Cash.

Epic. Just came across this, the initial drop is just insaaaaaaane! From the guy who produced the dnb absolute tune 'Printer Jam'. Mistabishi. Interesting dubstep by the man, which is rather refreshing on the current scene.

Mistabishi - White Collar Grime

Next up is the dirtiest sounding bassline, relentless pumping from Bokator. Nice take on a rusko classics, 'where's my money' 'and 'Cockney thug' ('FUCK'). Yes. Sweet.

Bokator - Cockney Disko Cash (Bootleggers Delight remix) /ALT



Sunday, 28 March 2010

Duran Duran Dubstep

Alright. My liver is dying. Kidneys have packed up. I probably have about a day to live, so I'll post this before I go. Haha. Hectic binge weekend. Anyways, check this shit out. I've heard this for ages, but I stumbled across a half decent download yesturday so I thought I might share it with you cunts. I know nothing of the producer of this, and can't find anything, so if he's out there and reads this...drop me a line.

Duran Duran - Rio (Screwface Dubstep Refix)

Much love on this hungover morning to all you out there.


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sharing is fun.

Hangovers. Great for just fucking around in bed and finding new music. And boy, I've got afew treats for you on this lovely day we're having which I've been sent over by a couple of people (fucking grim oustide though).

Bath's local white 'Chris Kamara' wannabe Ben McAleer shouted me afew minutes ago on facebook suggesting I get my act together and listen to a certain track by an 18 year old producer who hails from North Wales, UK - Chrispy is his name.....and Inspector Gadget is his game. Get on this, for it is going to hit dance floors all around the country soon!

Chrispy - Inspector Gadget (Dubstep Refix)

Next up, local Blue Rooms pervert specialist George Painter sent me over this, which again is a huge shout. Producer Coven, name Max Rowat, cranks out this terrifically hilarious dubstep remix of the well known show 'Animal Park' - and it even samples Rolf Harris! Pure brilliance. This has also got some radio one playage, so well played Coven.

Coven - Animal Park (Dubstep Rolf Harris Remix) / ALT

Have a good'n! Enjoy these belters.


Friday, 26 March 2010

End of the working week Dubstep Special.

Well me old mucka's. Arnt you the lucky lot. 2 posts in one day? Unheard of. I'm gonna cut straight the chase and release these monsters to the masses.

Starting off this Dubstepathon is a guy called Whisker Twister. He doesn't have a myspace for me to talk about, but he's got some top tunes, for example this cheeky number:

However, he has just released a VIP mix of 'We Are your Friends' by Justice vs Simian. It's big. Big.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Whisker Twister) VIP / ALT

Next up is a complete jump up Dubstep tune by the boy Funtcase, who normally to be honest isn't my cup of tea for it can tend to get abit dark - however he his the nail on the head with this hard hitting TTTuune.

Funtcase - 50 Caliber

Third for this evening is a remix of a song we all know and love, and that is 'Pon de Floor' and fuck me, one of the best tunes of last year IMO. So, a dubstep remix? Interesting. TRiLLBASS. Check it out.

Pon de Floor - Major Lazer (TRiLLBASS Remix) / ALT

Lastly, and not least is abit of DnB. Camo and Krooked are turned out to be some of my favourite all round producers (check out their tune 'numbers' which I posted a while ago), and sort of remind me of Sub Focus back in the day. Such slick production skills, and amazing vibes, Camo and Krooked are definatly going to be massive in the near future. Interestingly enough, hailing from Austria. Crazy. Check this out.

September - Future Prophecies (Camo & Krooked Remix) / ALT <----- Pick of the week.

Enjoy one and all, put these on whilst your combing your locks in preparation for the big one tonight.



And I'm back!

Allo squires! Bloody hell it's been a hectic few weeks with going to see Ed Bangers, making friends with Busy P, setting up the Smoothest Gooch's first night 'The Sweetshop', recieving ear syringe's and root canal surgery and watching McMess work himself to a shallow grave by watching his addiction to the fried egg sweets get out of control (So bad I've locked them in my car). Brilliant.

Anyways, I'm back. And I've got afew absolute treats for you. So get on these straight away, pump em, and tell your nan all about it.

Dubstepper Hulk throws Alicia Keys and Jay Z our way after working his fine dubstep comb through it. Lovely sounds, and the wubs create a perfectly cohearant journey through this absolute tune.

Jay Z - Empire State of Mind feat. Alicia Keys (Hulk Remix)/ALT <-------Denzi's weekend essential.

Peas! More to come later.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

this post is about rusko, not niki belucci.

Right, well Denzi's priorities tonight appear to be gradually becoming whiter and whiter, whilst eating my crisps and receiving a barrage of bullying from Smiffy.
OK so it's juuust about still Wednesday so that apparently means dubstep.

This is what it sounds like when Rusko jets a thick load of dub all over Attacca Pesante's juicy breakbeats. The title of the song is definitely not what girls in clubs shout at Denzi or myself.

Attacca Pesante Ft. Shea Soul - Make It Funky For Me DJ (Rusko Remix) [Mediafire]

More soon...