Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wubstep Wednesday.

Alright cheekies. How you all doing out there? Anyone know where my fellow blogger, McMess, has gone? I havnt seen him in a while. Apparently he's doing geography coursework, but we all know what he is doing. Either this, or having one of these. Well, since he is vacant, I think I'll post a big one to make up for him not being around. Happy with that? Magic.

Right, first up Israel boy Borgore brings us 'Cry Me a River' off his new dubstep LP 'Goresteps Most Hated' (which is worth a download). At points its a bit too heavy for my liking, but it's a good listen all the same. Apparently the 'Cry me a River' sample at the beginning is not as good as Micheal Buble's version, according to McMess, but its sweet enough before the disgusting drop anyway. Check it.

Borgore - Cry me a River

Next up, my favourite breakthrough dubstep magician at the moment is Flux Pavilion. I'm sure you know this, because we have been raving about him recently on the Gooch. His wubs are fuccking heavy, and remix is no exception. Picto's iconically titled 'Streets of Rage' (what a game! You get me!) has its bassed ripped out, and Flux Pavilion installs some of his own dirt. This is an essential for any Dubheads out there.

Picto - Streets of Rage (Flux Pavilion Remix) / ALT

Number 3 for Wubstep Wednesday is a lovely Mashup I found awhile ago, which brings MCing into the world of Dubstep. Definatly worth a listen, I quite like it. Rudeboy Olsten brings us this.

Next Hype vs Drumstick - Olsten / ALT

Last up DZ's new LP has come out, and its pretty darn good. Interesting work from DZ here, and using a sample of 'Killin em softly' and it's a very different spin on it than the usual DZ style.

Killin' em Softly - DZ

Enjoy Breddas!



  1. safe
    make wubstep wednesday a permanent thing? x

  2. I agree. It doesnt even have to be a massive post. Just keep it to like 4 great massive songs like these!
    And it would create some blog traffic.
    Or I could just be talking shit.
    Borgore is my life!