Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wubstep Wednesday #2


Well, Fuck my Ass. Round two. More dubstep I hear you plea? Well, I'm just gonna have to B my F'ing load everywhere, because I've just spent the last 5 hours being heavily distracted by the amount of dubstep on the internet. I have filtered all of this, into 5 tunes that I know you'll love, enjoy and try to inject yourselves with. Arn't I nice. Yes? Well, if you have tits leave me your details and a picture. Valentines day was far too lame this year. Anyways you pwwwicks, check all this out.

First up its the boy Skream on the case. This has been drifting about different radio shows lately, and finally I found a version that is postable to you goons. Skream takes 'Riot Music' by London producer/artist 'Donae'o' and injects many drums in there. Skream doesn't plunge it with bass, but uses drums to make a jump up breaks/dub track. Nice.

Donae'o - Riot Music (Skream! Remix) / ALT

Next, Giant brings us his take upon 'Money For Nothing' by the 'Dire Straights'. I've heard many remixes of this song, normally in the house/electro house genre, and they are normally pretty shit. Giant doesnt do half a bad job though, sorta reminds me of Rusko in the day. Check it out yourself though innit.

Dire Straights - Money for Nothing (Giants Dubstep Remix)

Third, not actually dubstep but some seriously sickening drum and bass. Liquid jumpup? John B's tune 'Numbers' gets a look at by 'Camo and Krooked' . This tune was suggested by a local school assistant, to me, which was suggested to him by local Bath dessert 'DJ choc Ice'. Complicated? I don't care. Just LISTEN to this build up. Pumping. Dreamful DnB.

John B - Numbers (Camo and Krooked Remix) / ALT

Dubstep producer 'Monsta' brings us our next tune. Entitled 'Streetfighter'. You can probably have a guess at what it samples. Lovely and minimal, it really is a nostalgic window into our past.
Warm wubs = gets me going.

Monsta - Streetfighter

Last up, just a huge number from Badboy Tek - One. Everytime it rips the tits off me. Bath local scratched Audi driver comments:

''Thats disgusting! I feel dirty. But in a really good way ;).''

What a gay. Here's the song.

BMTH - Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One remix)

Put these on, then put on your best tux, and go and get pissed. Preferably at Cheerleaders Flirt tonight at Bath spa union. Ever seen Cheerleaders destroyed by dubstep? Now's your chance.


(NB, the man featured in the pictures is McMess...Co-writer of the Gooch...he aint posted anything in a while.)


  1. loving wubstep wednesdays!
    nice one

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  3. Loooooooooooool I love your sense of humour fella, fuck my arse indeed this shit is off the mofo hook etc and I'm loving it!!! I had a typo fist time lol