Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tom Maddicott takes on the fatherly role.

Easy now bredrins. As you may notice, that my posts arnt as frequent as usual. That's because as usual I'm prancing around stage in the manliest of fashions. Thespian Electro wizard. If you're around Bath, come see it. Or not. Your loss. It's pretty good.

Anyway, getting to more IMPORTANT matters. Top DJ, producer, and 'Moles' club enthusiast, the man Tom Maddicott dropped me a line awhile back with his new tune, but I was far too drunk at the time and completly forgot about it. So, luckily he shouted at me down facebook and reminded me. Tom takes on 'Young Fathers' tune 'Straight back on it', and pumps it full of electro life,soul and alot of Maddicott's signature sound. Check out this tune for sure. AND, it's in 320. Get in.

Young Father's - Straight back on it (Tom Maddicott Remix) / ALT

You can check Tom out playing at 'Pogo' club in Hull this saturday, Feb 13th, and also on his night 'Raargh' in Bath's famous Moles nightclub he's bringing down Disco of Doom on 26th Feb and Riton at his 'Metripolis' night at Moles on 6th March. Fucking exciting. With Ed Bangers party the night before on the 5th of March in Elephant and Castle (where Riton are also playing), it's laying down the foundations for a cracking weekend.

Keep posted for more Tom Maddicott's productions on the Smoothest Gooch, as he tells me he's got a few big ones coming out, including a Fenech Soler 'Lies' remix.

Peas boys.


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