Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Here it is: Wubstep Wednesdays #3

Alright you slags! It's that time of week once more. Your dangerous dubstep dosage. Somehow between setting up the Gooch's new night 'The Sweetshop'....(coming 15th of March), being distracted by Skiing Cross on the Olympics, FINALLY watching the Godfather (what a film), and general fucking about living the student life - I've somehow managed to find somen banging tunes that you will want to sweat to profusely in your local grimehole nightclub - and after that, hopefully bang someone. Perfect night, no? Well, these will hopefully help. Bit of fun, but what a disgusting drop. Hilarious. I think if I was in a club and listened to it, I would knock someone out with a serious skank. And I'm not talking about Katie Price. Mario travels to the World of Dubstep finally with the help of the Birmingham boys, Dub Crooks.

Dub Crooks - Mario's Castle / ALT

Numero Deux... A Gooch favourite under the name 'Mt Eden' brings us another release. 'Salt Water' by Chicane? I think so. Old school classic reworked. I am still gagging for Mt Eden to bring out some original material, it would be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Chicane - Salt Water (Mt Eden remix) / ALT

Third up, we have John Legends smooth tonal voice in the form of Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker goes dub. Dub-breaker? Heartstep? *Insert own quirky title here*. Brilliant. Ok. New boy on the scene Cynical brings us this, and interestingly enough the synths he puts under the verse change the meaning of the song somewhat. Nice work Cynical.

John Legend - Heartbreaker (Cynical Remix) / ALT

Fourth, it's fucking foul. And it features a sample from Captain Falcon on Smash Brothers. Well, the song is no doubt smashing to say the least. I would add this as an essential to your collection. Producer 'Birdy' brings this to the scene.

Birdy - Falcon

Last but not least it's Vampire Weekend. And they've been given a proper summery dub spanking. Lovely, musical and just a great feel good dub vibe. You want this to snuggle with you at night to make you feel Bukez Finezt bring this our way.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Bukez Finezt Remix) / ALT

Hope you have a lovely wednesday night, these tunes, some midweek fuckery, drink and dance are all essential for your midweek experience wherever you are.



NB: The picture is of our housemate on a usual wednesday. If you get like that tonight, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll wake up with permanent marker all over your balls alike him.

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