Sunday, 28 February 2010

Big up the Breakage.

Sup. So London boy Breakage has been hitting the scene hard in the last year, bringing us that banging dubstep remix of Riverside Muvvafakkas, and collaborating with Skream, and with Donae'o. However, Breakage never ceases to astound and has churned out a heavy remix of Dog Days are over by Florence and the Machine. This will please you electronic Indie Cindies out there. BUT NOT ONLY does he do that, He's roped in, the ghost and one of my favourite producers, Burial. It is too sick. Get on both these tunes right now. Fucking class.

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over (Breakage remix) / ALT

Breakage ft Burial - Vial /ALT

Check Breakage out at Motion at 'Shit the Bed'(banging night) in Bristol with Zinc, Jack Beats, Toddla T, Emalkay, Redlight.... on the 6th of March. CHECK DA FACEBOOK PAGE.

A rum hangover. I wish I had woke up in Carribean.



Saturday, 27 February 2010


Easy now rudies. Right, this tune has been lurking around in the depths of the internet for a long time now, but only recently have I found a version worth posting. Back in the day Chase and Status produced 'Bits', and fuck knows why they havnt released it. Not only did they not release it, they gave it to Rihanna to just blab over. Fuck knows why. Probably to do with the billions of pounds. But fair play, I could do with afew pennies. The song is such a tune, so dark, menacing and even sounds abit 80s. Get in. Nothing better than the good old days. Lets hope this gets a proper release soon.

Bits - Chase and Status / ALT

Get lovely and off your face tonight.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Here it is: Wubstep Wednesdays #3

Alright you slags! It's that time of week once more. Your dangerous dubstep dosage. Somehow between setting up the Gooch's new night 'The Sweetshop'....(coming 15th of March), being distracted by Skiing Cross on the Olympics, FINALLY watching the Godfather (what a film), and general fucking about living the student life - I've somehow managed to find somen banging tunes that you will want to sweat to profusely in your local grimehole nightclub - and after that, hopefully bang someone. Perfect night, no? Well, these will hopefully help. Bit of fun, but what a disgusting drop. Hilarious. I think if I was in a club and listened to it, I would knock someone out with a serious skank. And I'm not talking about Katie Price. Mario travels to the World of Dubstep finally with the help of the Birmingham boys, Dub Crooks.

Dub Crooks - Mario's Castle / ALT

Numero Deux... A Gooch favourite under the name 'Mt Eden' brings us another release. 'Salt Water' by Chicane? I think so. Old school classic reworked. I am still gagging for Mt Eden to bring out some original material, it would be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Chicane - Salt Water (Mt Eden remix) / ALT

Third up, we have John Legends smooth tonal voice in the form of Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker goes dub. Dub-breaker? Heartstep? *Insert own quirky title here*. Brilliant. Ok. New boy on the scene Cynical brings us this, and interestingly enough the synths he puts under the verse change the meaning of the song somewhat. Nice work Cynical.

John Legend - Heartbreaker (Cynical Remix) / ALT

Fourth, it's fucking foul. And it features a sample from Captain Falcon on Smash Brothers. Well, the song is no doubt smashing to say the least. I would add this as an essential to your collection. Producer 'Birdy' brings this to the scene.

Birdy - Falcon

Last but not least it's Vampire Weekend. And they've been given a proper summery dub spanking. Lovely, musical and just a great feel good dub vibe. You want this to snuggle with you at night to make you feel Bukez Finezt bring this our way.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Bukez Finezt Remix) / ALT

Hope you have a lovely wednesday night, these tunes, some midweek fuckery, drink and dance are all essential for your midweek experience wherever you are.



NB: The picture is of our housemate on a usual wednesday. If you get like that tonight, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll wake up with permanent marker all over your balls alike him.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

back for a quickie.

Hello again. Aggressive thumps on the back to Denzi for putting out some chart topping steps. Toxic's been vibrating through the house all week and so I've probably only spent 3% of my time concentrating on working for a degree I'll never use. The other 97% was spent ripping jeans (embarrassing groinal blowouts may I add), breaking expensive equipment and falling into Welsh rivers. Well, enough about me. Let's press on to more important matters i.e. our mate Grum.

At the beginning of the week, Denzi and myself scrambled to the door, gased the postman with our satanic morning breath, tore open a jiffy bag and found zis little treat waiting. If 'Consistency' was a town it would be twinned with 'Grum'. Cheers Graeme for another cream cracker.

TV Rock - In The Air (Grum Remix)

When work eases off, I have a lot to post...


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Starry 'Drum and Bass' Eyed.

This is massive. NO question. Morning by the way. Messy night last night? Hope so. Hurting? Most probably. But fuck it, this will cheer your day up TENFOLD. Jiggies. Right. We all know who Ellie Goulding is don't we? Only took the public about a year to wise up, but whatever eh. Well, DnBheads Dexcell have decided to fix upon 'Starry Eyed' as a lovely target to inject some DnB flare. This is such a tasteful remix, and Dexcell really hits the nail on the head, as they keep in style of the song and they even manage to add some their own style also.
Big up for this HUGE remix. Amen.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Dexcell DnB Remix) / ALT

Rave up big time fellas.

Have a sound day.


Friday, 19 February 2010

Toxic made sicker.

Alright you. So. Britney did Toxic, Yael Naim covered it in chocolate then 16 Bit added the cream. 16 Bit's wubs are cut nicefully and placed in the tune, and even adds to the sexiness of the song. Impressive stuff from these men.

Yael Naim - Toxic (16 Bit remix)

Next up, stumbled across this just as we speak. Excuse the radio Rip, but its a fucking MASSSIVE tune. Sub Focus Remixes himself drum and bass style. The drop is FOUL. Sick stuff from one of the biggest names around.

Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (drum and bass remix) /ALT- Radio Rip 100% Sick

Big up to Anoush who's birthday it is this sunday. Enjoy SMD.

Have a good weekend chums.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wubstep Wednesday #2


Well, Fuck my Ass. Round two. More dubstep I hear you plea? Well, I'm just gonna have to B my F'ing load everywhere, because I've just spent the last 5 hours being heavily distracted by the amount of dubstep on the internet. I have filtered all of this, into 5 tunes that I know you'll love, enjoy and try to inject yourselves with. Arn't I nice. Yes? Well, if you have tits leave me your details and a picture. Valentines day was far too lame this year. Anyways you pwwwicks, check all this out.

First up its the boy Skream on the case. This has been drifting about different radio shows lately, and finally I found a version that is postable to you goons. Skream takes 'Riot Music' by London producer/artist 'Donae'o' and injects many drums in there. Skream doesn't plunge it with bass, but uses drums to make a jump up breaks/dub track. Nice.

Donae'o - Riot Music (Skream! Remix) / ALT

Next, Giant brings us his take upon 'Money For Nothing' by the 'Dire Straights'. I've heard many remixes of this song, normally in the house/electro house genre, and they are normally pretty shit. Giant doesnt do half a bad job though, sorta reminds me of Rusko in the day. Check it out yourself though innit.

Dire Straights - Money for Nothing (Giants Dubstep Remix)

Third, not actually dubstep but some seriously sickening drum and bass. Liquid jumpup? John B's tune 'Numbers' gets a look at by 'Camo and Krooked' . This tune was suggested by a local school assistant, to me, which was suggested to him by local Bath dessert 'DJ choc Ice'. Complicated? I don't care. Just LISTEN to this build up. Pumping. Dreamful DnB.

John B - Numbers (Camo and Krooked Remix) / ALT

Dubstep producer 'Monsta' brings us our next tune. Entitled 'Streetfighter'. You can probably have a guess at what it samples. Lovely and minimal, it really is a nostalgic window into our past.
Warm wubs = gets me going.

Monsta - Streetfighter

Last up, just a huge number from Badboy Tek - One. Everytime it rips the tits off me. Bath local scratched Audi driver comments:

''Thats disgusting! I feel dirty. But in a really good way ;).''

What a gay. Here's the song.

BMTH - Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One remix)

Put these on, then put on your best tux, and go and get pissed. Preferably at Cheerleaders Flirt tonight at Bath spa union. Ever seen Cheerleaders destroyed by dubstep? Now's your chance.


(NB, the man featured in the pictures is McMess...Co-writer of the Gooch...he aint posted anything in a while.)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wubstep Wednesday.

Alright cheekies. How you all doing out there? Anyone know where my fellow blogger, McMess, has gone? I havnt seen him in a while. Apparently he's doing geography coursework, but we all know what he is doing. Either this, or having one of these. Well, since he is vacant, I think I'll post a big one to make up for him not being around. Happy with that? Magic.

Right, first up Israel boy Borgore brings us 'Cry Me a River' off his new dubstep LP 'Goresteps Most Hated' (which is worth a download). At points its a bit too heavy for my liking, but it's a good listen all the same. Apparently the 'Cry me a River' sample at the beginning is not as good as Micheal Buble's version, according to McMess, but its sweet enough before the disgusting drop anyway. Check it.

Borgore - Cry me a River

Next up, my favourite breakthrough dubstep magician at the moment is Flux Pavilion. I'm sure you know this, because we have been raving about him recently on the Gooch. His wubs are fuccking heavy, and remix is no exception. Picto's iconically titled 'Streets of Rage' (what a game! You get me!) has its bassed ripped out, and Flux Pavilion installs some of his own dirt. This is an essential for any Dubheads out there.

Picto - Streets of Rage (Flux Pavilion Remix) / ALT

Number 3 for Wubstep Wednesday is a lovely Mashup I found awhile ago, which brings MCing into the world of Dubstep. Definatly worth a listen, I quite like it. Rudeboy Olsten brings us this.

Next Hype vs Drumstick - Olsten / ALT

Last up DZ's new LP has come out, and its pretty darn good. Interesting work from DZ here, and using a sample of 'Killin em softly' and it's a very different spin on it than the usual DZ style.

Killin' em Softly - DZ

Enjoy Breddas!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tom Maddicott takes on the fatherly role.

Easy now bredrins. As you may notice, that my posts arnt as frequent as usual. That's because as usual I'm prancing around stage in the manliest of fashions. Thespian Electro wizard. If you're around Bath, come see it. Or not. Your loss. It's pretty good.

Anyway, getting to more IMPORTANT matters. Top DJ, producer, and 'Moles' club enthusiast, the man Tom Maddicott dropped me a line awhile back with his new tune, but I was far too drunk at the time and completly forgot about it. So, luckily he shouted at me down facebook and reminded me. Tom takes on 'Young Fathers' tune 'Straight back on it', and pumps it full of electro life,soul and alot of Maddicott's signature sound. Check out this tune for sure. AND, it's in 320. Get in.

Young Father's - Straight back on it (Tom Maddicott Remix) / ALT

You can check Tom out playing at 'Pogo' club in Hull this saturday, Feb 13th, and also on his night 'Raargh' in Bath's famous Moles nightclub he's bringing down Disco of Doom on 26th Feb and Riton at his 'Metripolis' night at Moles on 6th March. Fucking exciting. With Ed Bangers party the night before on the 5th of March in Elephant and Castle (where Riton are also playing), it's laying down the foundations for a cracking weekend.

Keep posted for more Tom Maddicott's productions on the Smoothest Gooch, as he tells me he's got a few big ones coming out, including a Fenech Soler 'Lies' remix.

Peas boys.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Just Flux my arse.

Well well well. Teriffic shout from McMess there on the last post about Flux Pavilion. In all honesty, he beat me to it. For I was going to post two beasts which luckily he didn't post for you all to scream to. Right, without further ado, crank up your sub, invite afew friends round, get pumped to these tunes and go get drunk for fucks sake.

Flux Pavilion - Got 2 Know /ALT <------------Foooking mint like!

Flux Pavilion - Voscilate / ALT <--------------- Listen for the second drop, sickk.

Rudeboy Wolfgang Gartner's got a new tune coming's a lovely preview mp3 of it.
Think of Deadmau5 fucking Justice, and probably Mr Gartner would be the hybrid baby.

Wolfgang Gartner - Untitled / ALT



PS. How SHIT is the new series LOST?