Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Some DnB? Why not.

Alrite you slags! Tell you what. Half the country might be pissed off with the snow, but for students its fucking fantastic, provided you made it back to University of course. Snow days. I thought they may get old, but they don't. And you know why. Because snow days mean no lectures. And no lectures means either getting really pissed, or dicking around in the snow being a cunt and watching 3 girls plow into barbed wire on a sled and then consider throwing a snowball at them. Love it.

Right, if your feet are feeling cold, as are mine, put your feet in your subwoofer and crank these tunes out full blast. Doing this, you'll get really numb feet and won't realise they're cold. Go on....try it.

Did you try it? Mug. It doesnt fucking work does it.

Anyway, Bath drunkard and smack dealer DJ MisterBibby has started churning this tune out on his nights at the meatmarket, and you know what, it aint half bad - nice and light with a lovely dubstep change in bpm towards the end. Nice work Shy FX.

David Guetta - One Love (Shy FX Remix)

After listening to a recent EP of Reso, Temjin, which is DnB lyrical synth wonderfulness combined with just really heavy beats, I have picked my favourite track off it to share with you. Listen out for the siccck drum solo at the end. You can buy Temjin here.

Reso - Mind Games / ALT

Enjoy the white stuff pals....And also enjoy the snow.


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