Monday, 18 January 2010

Remixes: I'm in the House

Alrite pals! Got some treats for you today, a Smoothest Gooch Exxxxcluuuussive. Remember that tune 'I'm in the House' by Steve Aoki? Yeah? Yeah, its alright, not amazing. Agreed? Thought so. But I'd thought I'd bring some remixes your way from Redlight and Qemists.

Somerset boys Redlight are simply big (I'm sure there's two redlights knocking about, well, this is the better one who doesnt just churn out remixes). Their original tune 'Kid Soldiers' always kicks off when I drop it, and this is exactly the same. Bringing an African/Portuguese feel with lots of drums and Major Lazer esque wubs, this remix is essential to your collection .

I'm in the House - Steve Aoki (Redlight Remix) / ALT

Brighton lads 'Qemists' bring their absolute pounding DnB remix of the tune. It is guaranteed that this tune will give your mum a migrane. Especially if she's on.

I'm in the House - Steve Aoki (Qemists Remix) / ALT

Peace breddas.


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  1. please re-up redlight remix of I'm in the house thanks