Friday, 29 January 2010

flux pavilion.

flux [fluhks]
1. the rate of flow of liquid, particles, or energy.
2. to flow.

pavilion [puh-vil-yuh n]
1. a large building in which entertainment takes place.

Put the two together and 'Flux Pavilion' might sound a bit like something from Back To The Future Pt IV. Thankfully, Josh Steele aka Flux Pavilion is not Huey Lewis in disguise. Not this weekend anyway. Josh sounds like our kind of bloke - a Uni student i.e. loan rinser at Hertfordshire and a UCAS-approved dubstep producer. A few tracks of his are floating around on youtube and his soundcloud, but the real treat is right here.

Recently, my mum has shown a bizarre interest in 'dubstep'. Maybe she thinks it's some sort of aerobic class up at the town hall? Nonetheless, this is one I will not be plugging into the old girl's ears as (the clue is in the title) it is disgustingly filthy and has more wobble than my belly after a whole tub of Haribo.

Flux Pavilion - Fucking Noise

Flip the 7" over and you've got something completely different. No longer am I outside a club trying to kick someone's head in. Instead, I'm at home simmering with a fatty hanging out my mouth, pumping a track that's possibly aimed at Casio.

Flux Pavilion - Digital Controller

Mad love to my favourite brummer Will for pointing me in the right direction with this one.

BONUS: Oh and I stumbled across this the other day and had to chuck it on. It's just silly how good Joker is.

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