Sunday, 24 January 2010

Brand New Nero.

These men we love at the Gooch needs no introduction. Two fellas on a mission to bring sickening dubstep to the masses. Nero. This time they take their heads to Hip Hop. Does it work? Is it proper dubstep? To be honest, it's not their best piece of work. But fuck it, it's pretty catchy anyhow. Bit annoying how afew decent Dubstep acts are turning their head to the US and taking on their songs, or producing them? Eh, Rusko? Bored of Cali yet?

However, there is PLENTY of proper UK talent to go around for us lot in the way of Dubstep.

Big up UK.

Here's the tune, make your own judgement - props to local Bath leather jacket salesman MisterBibby for supplying this.

Drake - Forever (Nero remix) / ALT

Nice one boiz.



  1. Good tune but you got supplied with a radio rip.


  2. Couldnt find one without my man. Shame about the radio 1 print, but oh well.

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