Monday, 18 January 2010

addicted to allnighters

36 hours ago I just about managed to shovel my large body out of my pit of doom aka my bed. My eyes have been open ever since. I might completely lose the plot if I have to write the word 'flood' again, but that's what I get for being remarkably lazy. The sixth hour of the day was a particularly bleak one. It seems after a while caffeine does nothing except make me piss my pants every ten minutes. It was during this hour that my resistance against iTunes buckled. I became a drone during these five movements of electronic noise.

Danger - 4H30 (F.O.O.L Remix) [Mediafire]

Vitalic - Your Disco Song [Mediafire]

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive [Mediafire]

Crystal Castles - 1991 [Mediafire]

David E. Sugar - Radioactivity [Mediafire]

Update: Beating my own and even Little Mike's previous record, it was 45 hours before I fell back into the pit.

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