Friday, 29 January 2010

flux pavilion.

flux [fluhks]
1. the rate of flow of liquid, particles, or energy.
2. to flow.

pavilion [puh-vil-yuh n]
1. a large building in which entertainment takes place.

Put the two together and 'Flux Pavilion' might sound a bit like something from Back To The Future Pt IV. Thankfully, Josh Steele aka Flux Pavilion is not Huey Lewis in disguise. Not this weekend anyway. Josh sounds like our kind of bloke - a Uni student i.e. loan rinser at Hertfordshire and a UCAS-approved dubstep producer. A few tracks of his are floating around on youtube and his soundcloud, but the real treat is right here.

Recently, my mum has shown a bizarre interest in 'dubstep'. Maybe she thinks it's some sort of aerobic class up at the town hall? Nonetheless, this is one I will not be plugging into the old girl's ears as (the clue is in the title) it is disgustingly filthy and has more wobble than my belly after a whole tub of Haribo.

Flux Pavilion - Fucking Noise

Flip the 7" over and you've got something completely different. No longer am I outside a club trying to kick someone's head in. Instead, I'm at home simmering with a fatty hanging out my mouth, pumping a track that's possibly aimed at Casio.

Flux Pavilion - Digital Controller

Mad love to my favourite brummer Will for pointing me in the right direction with this one.

BONUS: Oh and I stumbled across this the other day and had to chuck it on. It's just silly how good Joker is.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Brand New Nero.

These men we love at the Gooch needs no introduction. Two fellas on a mission to bring sickening dubstep to the masses. Nero. This time they take their heads to Hip Hop. Does it work? Is it proper dubstep? To be honest, it's not their best piece of work. But fuck it, it's pretty catchy anyhow. Bit annoying how afew decent Dubstep acts are turning their head to the US and taking on their songs, or producing them? Eh, Rusko? Bored of Cali yet?

However, there is PLENTY of proper UK talent to go around for us lot in the way of Dubstep.

Big up UK.

Here's the tune, make your own judgement - props to local Bath leather jacket salesman MisterBibby for supplying this.

Drake - Forever (Nero remix) / ALT

Nice one boiz.


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Womanizer - Bogore.

Easy, boys and girls. Hope you've had a lovely saturday. I discovered today that free drinks are always bad news, and create the worst hangover's for fundraising for your theatre company by packing bags for ungreatful tards.
In lighter news! Massive dubstep from Dubstep wizard 'Borgore', just stumbled across this today whilst flicking through his tunes. But this is heaaaavvy. Sure to get the clit on the dance floor also, but only the cool ones bouncing to dubstep. Fit.

Britney Spears - Womanizer (Borgore Dubstep Remix) / ALT



Friday, 22 January 2010

there is a god/goddess

I was going to do a different post this evening but I really can't think of anything else except what just plopped in our inbox just now. I'm genuinely speechless. Congratulations Russ for, once again, completely blowing me away with a remix of everyone's soon-to-be mate, Ellie Goulding, and her stunning song 'Starry Eyed'. It's just absolutely ridiculously good. I'm already kissing goodbye to my degree.

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)

Oh and here's the video for the original which surfaced earlier this week. The single is available to purchase on the 22nd February, before a full debut LP 'Lights' on 1st March. God she's so fit.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Remix my clit.

Right. Today I found out that Fitness First Gym have been sneakily removing money from my account without me knowing. Sneaky little cunts. If Fitness First had a face, I'd love to break its nose. So, when I came across this remix it really brightened up my day. And I know it will brighten up your day also. Unless you've got laid. Then it will make your day about the same. More drums, and a bigger bassline from the man 'TLGB' - he brings you a 'MSBTW' Remix. Heavily droppable.

Stardust - Music Sounds Better with You (TLGB Remix) / ALT

BONUS: Keeping with the old school vibe, remember this track? Big. With a very good sample.

Audio bullys ft Nancy Sinatra - Shot You Down (Radio edit) / ALT



Monday, 18 January 2010

addicted to allnighters

36 hours ago I just about managed to shovel my large body out of my pit of doom aka my bed. My eyes have been open ever since. I might completely lose the plot if I have to write the word 'flood' again, but that's what I get for being remarkably lazy. The sixth hour of the day was a particularly bleak one. It seems after a while caffeine does nothing except make me piss my pants every ten minutes. It was during this hour that my resistance against iTunes buckled. I became a drone during these five movements of electronic noise.

Danger - 4H30 (F.O.O.L Remix) [Mediafire]

Vitalic - Your Disco Song [Mediafire]

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive [Mediafire]

Crystal Castles - 1991 [Mediafire]

David E. Sugar - Radioactivity [Mediafire]

Update: Beating my own and even Little Mike's previous record, it was 45 hours before I fell back into the pit.


To any DJs getting fucking bored of dropping Riverside at their local meatmarket club, or Students Union, heres a laaavely little remix that is droppable. I mean, the Breakage one and the TC one are still good. But I can imagine some girls would dance fucking dirty to this version with all the drums going on. Fuck. I'm revving up just thinking about it. Peo De Pitte brings us the little re-rub mashed up with Wildchild 'Renagade Master' and it works damn well.

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Peo De Pitte Remix) /ALT

Hotter than your nans slippers.

If you're wondering why the picture? There is no reason. Fair play to Didz.



Remixes: I'm in the House

Alrite pals! Got some treats for you today, a Smoothest Gooch Exxxxcluuuussive. Remember that tune 'I'm in the House' by Steve Aoki? Yeah? Yeah, its alright, not amazing. Agreed? Thought so. But I'd thought I'd bring some remixes your way from Redlight and Qemists.

Somerset boys Redlight are simply big (I'm sure there's two redlights knocking about, well, this is the better one who doesnt just churn out remixes). Their original tune 'Kid Soldiers' always kicks off when I drop it, and this is exactly the same. Bringing an African/Portuguese feel with lots of drums and Major Lazer esque wubs, this remix is essential to your collection .

I'm in the House - Steve Aoki (Redlight Remix) / ALT

Brighton lads 'Qemists' bring their absolute pounding DnB remix of the tune. It is guaranteed that this tune will give your mum a migrane. Especially if she's on.

I'm in the House - Steve Aoki (Qemists Remix) / ALT

Peace breddas.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Some DnB? Why not.

Alrite you slags! Tell you what. Half the country might be pissed off with the snow, but for students its fucking fantastic, provided you made it back to University of course. Snow days. I thought they may get old, but they don't. And you know why. Because snow days mean no lectures. And no lectures means either getting really pissed, or dicking around in the snow being a cunt and watching 3 girls plow into barbed wire on a sled and then consider throwing a snowball at them. Love it.

Right, if your feet are feeling cold, as are mine, put your feet in your subwoofer and crank these tunes out full blast. Doing this, you'll get really numb feet and won't realise they're cold. Go on....try it.

Did you try it? Mug. It doesnt fucking work does it.

Anyway, Bath drunkard and smack dealer DJ MisterBibby has started churning this tune out on his nights at the meatmarket, and you know what, it aint half bad - nice and light with a lovely dubstep change in bpm towards the end. Nice work Shy FX.

David Guetta - One Love (Shy FX Remix)

After listening to a recent EP of Reso, Temjin, which is DnB lyrical synth wonderfulness combined with just really heavy beats, I have picked my favourite track off it to share with you. Listen out for the siccck drum solo at the end. You can buy Temjin here.

Reso - Mind Games / ALT

Enjoy the white stuff pals....And also enjoy the snow.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

grizzly mouse?

To be honest, I'd never heard of Grizzly Bear before discovering their album was voted, by our Hype Machine friends, as the second best album of 2009. Yeah, it's alright... The stand out track is definitely this one.

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

Hang on though, those chord changes sound very familiar, don't they? Definitely. So well done Modest Mou oh, I mean Grizzly Bear?

Modest Mouse - The World At Large

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Time for something a little different: UK Hip Hop.

Pure genius. Something that makes me deviate from my usual Electro/DnB/Dubstep posts. Oh maaate. It is. Makes me want to get into UK Hip Hop. Lowkey, completely big on the scene at the moment, reaching number one on the Amazon's hip hop mp3 charts.

This tune is epic, listen in awe as Lowkey poeticises and destroys the whole Alphabet. Bit old apparently, but hey ho, who gives a fuck Mike Longman.

Alphabet Assassin - Lowkey and Faith SFX /

Hotter than your nan's microwaved lunch.

Monday, 4 January 2010

my wife, bunny?

A firm favourite with us over here at The Smoothest Perinium has always been Caspa's dubrub of TC's 'Where's My Money'. It therefore came as an angel delight to discover Elite Force's 're-fix' of the track shoved in our inbox this morning. Replace the step with breaks and this is what you get.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Danny Byrd.

Easy Rubens! This is mega. The Bath Legend Danny Byrd takes iconic 90s tune 'Sweet Harmony' and pounds some faaacking life into it! This is a definate set banger. Rave 2010.

Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Danny Byrd Remix) ------------ REMOVED.

Hotter than your nan's Polish carer.

Happy New Year. Don't be a dick in 2010. Much.

Hangover cure? This should to the trick. Rap/Beatboxing/Just a friend legend Biz Markie brings Bennie and the Jets to our front door. Stumbled over this about ten minutes ago.

Also big up to the DJs at the forum last night. You made my night bearable upstairs....'UK's finest Indie DJs' in the main space? The fuck?....Jigga please. Hertfordshire really has no music taste.