Thursday, 3 December 2009

Advent Treat #2: Riverclit

So, did that Snowman tune get you pumping? Well. If It didn't you've got problems. However, us over here over at the Gooch are heavily investing in the Christmas cheer, so I'll let you off if it didn't tickle your scrooge-like tastebuds.


So as we open up the door into the advent calander... next one up is a big one, and you might want to listen to it before it gets taken away by some higher authority. It's been lingering about a while, and many big DJs are dropping it at the moment. Getting bored of the club banger 'Riverside' yet? Yes. You are. So, TC takes it and Drum and Bass-inizes it. Yes.

Here ya go.

Sidney Samson - Riverside (TC Remix) - LINK REMOVED.

Also as an added bonus, I've chucked a cracking dubstep mix by Breakage of the same tooon. I would post his myspace, but for the life of me I can't find it.

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Breakage Remix)
/ [ALT]

Happy Thursday.

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