Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Since the brilliant chaps over at Hype Machine added our little blog to their all-star club of elite music bloggers, our inbox has gradually become fuller and fuller with emails from, not only and, but many artists, bands, DJs, producers, promoters and perverts. We're flattered that you lot are sending things in to us, especially when you work on the other side of the pond! We do listen to them all. Here are a couple of tracks we've received that, so far, I've listened to more than once.

Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Club Rock (Flak Attack Remix) [Mediafire]

Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone (Jaxsur Remix) [Mediafire]

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you a new mixtape constructed by a brilliant man and arguably the best DJ I know. For those reading and from Bath (more specifically Bath Spa University) or regulars at Watford's Oceana, the name 'Ram' is probably all too familiar with you. Each week he lugs his suitcase of disks and arrives at the decks with a purpose. That purpose is to drop the right songs at the right time with effortless mixing whilst, quite literally, tearing the booth apart. So here, take this and play it too loudly in the library please.

Choc Ice - Dec Mix

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