Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Less is More.

So, where have I been then? Well. Prancing around pretending to be a six year old on stage. Come Watch? Thought not. However, admist of being in Uni for about 85 hours over the last week and a half, and admist having written 4000 words, and another 1000 left to write, I'm bringing you fuckers some big toons.

It's coming to Xmas and I can't take the pounding noises from harsh electro at the moment. However, Jon Ferdenzi, a man I know, showed me a Claude Vonstroke song ages ago, and I completly forgot about it. It's biggg, and it's what I need at the moment, lovely original stuff by the man. Claude played in Fabric afew weeks back for his Record Labels birthday, and I heard it was banging. Check this now.

Claude Vonstroke - Vocal Chords
/ ALT- Denzi loves.

Next up we have a big track by London Boy Joy Orbison. Dub Garage esque, like an updated version of Burial. He has some Shwweeet tracks on his myspace. Anyway, you need this in your collection.

Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
/ ALT- Denzi loves.

Also. If you're into your tech house, I've selected some bangers for you. Check this shit out.

Saeed Younan - Backroom Honey

Love Message - Mauro Picotto (Meganite Mix) / ALT

Merry Chrimbo.

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