Wednesday, 9 December 2009

left hanging.

Cor crumbs, what a weekend. Sunday was perhaps the most hungover I've ever been, so I'd like to congratulate Alex Metric for a wonderful evening. Thanks mate. Here's a suspiciously malfunctioned photograph of Alex expressing his pleasure of having me shout 'Treasuuure Fingerssss?" at him. Someone give the man a towel!
Then of course there was Danyl Johnson failing to make the final of X Factor. Really killed my Sunday that did. Only Janet Jackson's mimed performance kept me in the game. Shame one of her mammaries didn't pop out really...
Her breakthrough record and, to my ears, JJ's finest piece of work is one that poses a question I'd, regretfully, only be able to answer with 'absolutely nothing actually, sorry Janet'. Although a couple of decades old, it cries out for a remix by (soon to be posted on) Bestrack or the increasingly popular DatA. Wooo-oooo-ooohh yeah!

Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately [Mediafire]

Theeeeen there was Monday night. Our 'long' housemate Mike turned 22 and so we had a wee bit of a party at ours to piss the neighbours off with some hip hop, dubstep and motown. Naturally, out came the beer bong. Here's what became of our other housemate, the infamous Ashe Palmer.


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  1. I was watching this in awe very soberly from the DJ booth. Sledgehammer was a good choice to drop I guess.