Wednesday, 30 December 2009

DURRR. Erol Alkan. Aeroplane. Nice.

Shoreditch. The name of the place sounds like a shithole. But fuck me, last night I realised afew beers, a small abandoned warehouse (The End club) and some Nassty DJs could transform a potential shithole, into a sweaty pit of music lovers with a flashing 'DURRR' sign. Haha. But seriously. It was fucking wicked.

Aeroplane were the lads supporting Mr Alkan. Havn't seen these boys live before, but have heard their stuff....which is not usually my sort of raving cup of tea. However, these scoundrels delivered a massive set, and when my head wasn't in the speaker to the back wall being a prick, I was dancing my tits off. Big time. This is one of my faves which was dropped by the aviation twins. It was probably cranked up by about 10 bpm just to make things abit more pumping......EH AEROPLANE? Sneaky bastards.

The boy Erol Alkan was on next. And to be honest, I was pretty fucked. But it doesn't matter, I knew Erol was good, and man, is he not only good, he's 'spunk-in-your-pants' amazing. Pumping electro with added tech house sweetness packed in with loads of other musical treats....Dream.

Erol might have dropped this. I was dancing either way.

Well Played DURRR. Solid night.

Apparently 'The End' club is shutting down early 2009. But, do not dismay, I'm sure the DURRR crew find find some new urban grimehole to carry on in.

I love you all. Even you. In 2009 if I've been a dick to you, you have most probably deserved it. Happy new year! Celebrate it in whatever you way you see fit. See you pon de floor.


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