Saturday, 12 December 2009

concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Right, who likes Jay-Z's 'Empire State Of Mind' featuring the lovely Alicia Keys? Yeah, everyone. Well, you'll never guess what? Alicia's fourth album is out on Monday and oh what's this - the last track appears to be called 'Empire State Of Mind Pt. II (Broken Down)'.

If Jay-Z's version is the "New York fun-filled-let's-spend-all-day-in-times-square daytrip", then Alicia's original is the "New York honeymoon". It's one to be snapped up by the die hard Friends fans to play over their 3 minute 36 second long fan-made montage video. This is a bloody lovely song.

Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind Pt. II (Broken Down) [Mediafire]

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  1. Can't wait for the inevitable mash-up with the Jay-Z version.