Saturday, 5 December 2009

alex metric.

Boosh! Right, so I've put aside the 'Pon De Floor' dissertation, had a few jars of Bath's finest and poshest ale and decided to negotiate 'writing' a post about a young man who, in roughly 24 hours time, will be blowing the speakers of our dear friend, Moles club. I've mentioned the man in question a few days ago, when I popped his La Roux remix of Quicksand on this here blog (which happens to have a very smooth perinium). It is, of course, Alexander Metric.

As well as being extremely hammered, I'm going to feel some disappointment if Moles is fairly empty tomorrow night as Alex has a style that any Justice, Digitalism, SMD or, dare I say it, Bloc Party fan would be missing out on. Here's a couple of Metric pills for you.

Evil Nine - All The Cash (Alex Metric Remix) [Mediafire]

Alex Metric - Deadly On A Mission (Alex Metric Mix) [Mediafire]

Get yourself down there and dance. Find me in the corner looking shady.

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