Thursday, 31 December 2009


So this is it then.
The end of a year.
The end of a decade.
The end of this blooming list.

These final two songs have caused the most damage to my desk chairs, as well as a few smashed glasses, countless cigarette burns and the near death of my docking station one particularly rowdy night.

Posted only last month, my number two has barely left my side during these cold winter months. I have been known to have it on repeat for days on end, seriously!
When you draw comparisons with the original, it's remarkable what Russ Chimes has done with Marina & The Diamonds' 'Mowgli's Road'. He's discarded all the wacky harpsichords, glockenspiels and excess jingle-jangle clutter and layered sumptuous, sun-drenched synths over Marina's bohemian vocals. Everything comes together beautifully in this remix; the climatic final 70 seconds is pure perfection.
It's no surprise really; Russ is never a letdown. He's produced some incredible remixes this year including Fabian's 'Heatwave', Frankmusik's 'Confusion Girl' and The Golden Filters' 'Solid Gold' to name obvious stunners. I'd argue, however, that this is Russ' finest work to date.

One life with one dream on repeat.

2. Marina & The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (Russ Chimes Remix) [Mediafire]

To be concluded...

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