Saturday, 26 December 2009

12 & 11 (The EkleroSHOCK)

Welcome to the dark corners of Ekleroshock.

Danger, not to be confused with Danger, was a wise being with his choice of alias. The danger lies with his manipulative influence over any fan of the electronic genres. Danger's productions are a collection of unrelenting sirens to those, like myself, fascinated with 16-bit game soundtracks. Resistance is futile; there is no lighthouse warning.
Danger's second EP, 09/16 2007, came with a previously un-set-ripped track that shares its name with a broken digital clock. 88:88 is yet another seductress on the fatal rocks of Lyon, except more threatening than her sisters. She lures us in slowly and cautiously through the darkness before dragging us into a nightmare world of insanity. 88:88 is the evil twin to Dumbo's Pink Elephants on Parade.
I need to go easy on this Boxing Day bubbly.

12. Danger - 88:88 [Mediafire]

The nightmare doesn't cease here though. Danger has done his bit; it's DatA's turn for interrogation.
Stepping into DatA's debut album, 'Skywriter' is like stepping into the shoes of the Mayor of A Nightmare Before Christmas' "Halloweentown". Like a schizophrenic, 'Skywriter' abruptly switches between the dark, sinister 'Verdict' / 'Aerius Light' / 'Nightmare' / 'Morphosis' characters and the jolly, catchy, fizzy pop 'One In A Million' / 'So Much In Love' / 'Electric Fever' / 'Rapture' / 'Skywriter' fantasties. With echoes of Daft Punk, Justice and SebastiAn; it's impossible to escape.

The end is nigh. Cue the evil laugh of 'Blood Theme'.

11. DatA - Blood Theme [Mediafire]

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