Sunday, 27 December 2009

10 & 9

"So, would you give Cheryl Cole one?" is probably one of the stupidest questions a bloke can pitch to another. Add "you reckon she's the best female singer in the world, yeah?" and it's time for your mates to pass you a pint of water.
I don't care, I really like Cheryl Cole and her debut single 'Fight For This Love', so that's exactly what I'm going to go and do. From the rooftops. Grab your sniper.

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love [Mediafire]

Something I'm quite proud of is getting my 62 year old father into DCUP. He's a right sucker for disco, funk, soul and basically anything that remotely resembles motown. I'm a poor man these days - all my dosh has been blown mostly on McDonalds and mini golf, so for his Christmas present I had to improvise. I thought that a nice, thoughtful present would be to make him a CD full of tracks (that have been produced in the last couple of years) which he would hopefully genuinely listen to and like. I was successful and, like me, he loves this one:

Jazzanova Feat. Ben Westbeech - I Can See (DCUP Remix) [Mediafire]


  1. I missed this DCUP remix its amazing. I dont know where id be getting my aussie fix if it werent for sweat it out. Id just be waiting around for the bag raiders LP i think. And yeah dude i feel you about your dad. I managed to get my parents into Breakbot and I was pretty proud of myself

  2. thanks mate, really enjoying your page by the way, you're posting some top notch stuff. the digiraatii remix of yyys just missed my top 20. so good. i'll chuck you in our list >>>
    oh and getting your folks into breakbot is mightily impressive. the last track on the cd i made for my dad was breakbot's remix of roche so there's hope yet...