Thursday, 31 December 2009


This is the cover art for my number 1. There was always going to be a clear winner. I knew even after the first listen that it was the one. No hesitation whatsoever. Not only is it my favourite track of the year but also up there with one of my all time favourites. For those who know me a little too intimately you should know exactly what it is seeing as you're probably sick to death of it by now. I'm certainly not. I'm still transfixed with it now as I was when it was released back in March.

'Runaway' portrays everything I adore about electronic music. The addictive, punchy beat is gradually joined by a rapport of whimsical synths that bumble, flutter, float and mesmerise; all wrapped up in an 80's disco cocoon. I'm too romantic about this song. Sometimes it even sounds like the synths are all joined by a giggling cat i.e. from 2.16 onwards. Now I just sound like a weirdo. Just when you think the track couldn't possibly develop any better, in flies the climax. As Dr Nick from the The Simpsons would say "time for a boooooster!" [Description of soaring, climatic 94 seconds has been removed for censorship reasons].
It's pure esctacy.

An extremely messy Denzi, Darrah and myself met Grum aka Graeme one miserable night back in April:

Pepsi are wise and knew it was always going to be number 1 - look what I've been drinking all week! I'm genuinely too scared to drink them anymore.


1. Grum - Runaway
[Stream on Label]

Happy New Year!

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