Monday, 2 November 2009

Minimal Monday.

Afternoon chums!

Today, I be mostly posting some minimal stuff with a slightly progressive feel. I enjoy it. Some big things here, if you fancy just rocking round your room and getting caught up in some beats, I recommend you download these

I'll start off with the Subs. A few weeks back, I was at Fabric's 10th Birthday Party on the friday. I discovered I had no I.D. with me. This was a problem, so I had to blag myself in to the club. Thankfully it worked, because I had one of the most amazing music fueled nights of my life. Terrific lineup....of which I saw DJ Zinc playing a very interesing Electro set, SMD, DJ Craze, Rusko (See pictured at the event above, courtesy of Piggot photography), and a live set from The Subs full of instrumental goodies - which was amazing - great impact, energy and crazyness. Check this video out of them live. And a great tune of theirs, Mitsubitchi.

Denzi's Top Choice for November
Mitsubitchi - The Subs -------- (Brilliant.)

Next up we have 3 minimal electro tracks which have really tickled my earbuds. All three of them are crackers, and I suggest you download them.

Denzi's Monday top 3 tracks he has listened to in the last day.

1) Mowgli - London to Paris
2) Fake Blood - Mars (Style of the Eye Tool For School Remix)
3) Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition ( Morgan Page Remix)

You can buy all the artists tracks over at this brilliant site....beatport


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