Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Surprisingly, it's been a while since I last spoke about Gaga. In fact, I can't even remember what 'summer' is exactly? Something to do with 'Pimms' and 'cricket'? Winter is bleak, let's be honest. Thankfully, in a more optimistic turn of events, old Poker Face herself is back (complete with deck chair and parasol) with what is either a separate follow-up album to big debut The Fame or a bonus disk to a re-release of it - no one really knows which. Nevertheless, the record, should you wish to purchase it, has intimidatingly been dubbed The Fame Mons†er (no it wasn't produced by Justice before you ask).

Stick the tele on, bash 350 into your Sky remote and what are you going to see? Ok, apart from Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha you're probably hearing a lot of Gaga's first single from the Monster, "Bad Romance". I've actually heard it so many times I want to give Gaga my ugly, my love and even my disease. It is free after all.

If you're secretly becoming slightly bored with the stompy original and fancy dancing to a couple of jolly nice remixes then let me point you in the direction of our mate Grum and soon-to-be-everyone's-favourite-producer Starmith for re-hydration. I will definitely be dropping the Starsmith tomorrow night.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix)
[click to download from Yousendit] or [Mediafire]

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Grum Remix)
[click to download from Yousendit] or [Mediafire]

If you can't wait for the postmen to stop moaning or, like me, you're too lazy/poor to pop down to your local HMV then quickly wing yourself over to the generous people at Boom Boom Chik, who seem to appear as ghosts on CCTV and thus have the entire album for us to have a preview of.

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