Friday, 23 October 2009


Remember hanging outside the Howard Center when you were a kid? Remember your first kiss? Remember secondary school? Remember when you were a chav? Remember being beaten up by chavs? Well. If any of these thoughts ring a bell, welcome to Nostalgia city. A time when Garage, was popular. We love you garage, come back again someday in this pure form.

Garage CLASSIXXX mix - Denzi.


Sambuca - Dennis G
Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty) - Oxide and Neutrino
Pow! - Lethal Bizzle
Piano Loco - DJ Luck + MC Neat
Sorry (I didn't Know) - Monstaboy
Do you really like it? - DJ Pied Piper and Masters of the Ceremony
Re-Rewind - Artful Dodger
Master Blaster 2000 - DJ Luck + MC Neat
Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude
Woman Trouble - Artful Dodger
21 Seconds - So Solid Crew


You've Got the Love.

Happy Friday! One day off the weekend. Fantastic. Well, straight to business this has been dangling round my Itunes for a while. The Source ft Candi Station are remixed here into a lovely little 2-step beat with some lovely acoustic-y vocals from a bird and a bloke from the XX. Smooth.

You've got the Love - Florence and the Machine (The XX Remix)

Find more about The XX here.


Monday, 19 October 2009

For the ill.

Yes. Smoothest Gooch is back with a bang. We have AGAIN been on hiatus. We'll say 'legal issues' have stopped us from posting....but it's down to laziness. (from Mcmess not me).

Since everyone is ill at the moment, as it seems, with Freshers Flu or Chlymedia I'll post a feel good track for all. You'll recognise then one. I promised some bird ages ago that I'd post it, so here it is in a time where everyone is in bed feeling sorry for themselves.
Big up to the Piggot!

Peas and fucking!

Africa - Toto (Benson remix)

PS.If you're around Bath tonight, get your ass down to Celcius. I'm DJing there, and could do with all you lot there. One love.