Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I couldn't sleep last night. I haven't actually been to bed yet. Bit silly really. For some reason I thought the recent West Ham vs. Millwall riots would relax me enough to zzzzzzzz but then I somehow ended up watching youtoob videos of London gang "man dems" spitting shit about guns, knives, and pussycats. I thought I might be able to frighten myself to sleep and it seemed a last resort seeing as Ice Age didn't work.

After learning that Hackney, Brixton, Bermondsey and Ashe Palmer's bedroom are all lovely places for those fond of 'body-bag tourism', I steered clear of temptations to watch The Football Factory and instead devised a new playlist. This afternoon I have transformed this playlist into a 20 minute mix. For those, like me, who are still balancing on the dubstep barbed wire fence, this mix might just prod us non-steppers into the dub clubs of Croydon and Brixton. So be brave and download this. Good luck.

McMess - Bermondsey

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