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Tom Maddicott - Interview and new single.

If you're a Bath-onian, or a music lover - Tom Maddicott is a name you should already know, and if you don't know, you soon will. Tom is a man with both thumbs deep into the music industry pie, having worked with Annie Mac, Erol Alkan, featured on Radio 1's 'Essential Mix'...and has established his own very successful night 'Metripolis' in the infamous Moles club in Bath which has featured some top DJs in the past, and is set to feature many more in the future.

Well, over here at 'The Smoothest Gooch' have we got a treat for you! McMess and myself have persuaded the lovely Tom Maddicott to do an interview for us! This is not only an official world exclusive, but the first interview for us [of many more] over at the Smoothest Gooch! Let's get cracking. Check out Tom's new single 'Ravor' at the bottom of the interview, one poundingly siicck track, with some sweet and quirky visuals.

Denzi: So Tom, I hear on the grapevine that you played Lovebox recently getting the crowd geared up for Simian Mobile Disco, how was that? What bangers you crank out to the masses?

Tom:Yeah it was an amazing gig , really cool festival with a mental crowd. Playing big festie's you have to bung in a few more tunes that they'll know so i dropped stuff like a cheeky chem bros bootleg which went down a storm. Who's there by Riton and Primary one went down well as did some new stuff by popoff and proxy plus i tested out some new tunes of my own which luckily rocked it.

McMess: We like to think we're a little bit hip and in with the scene; we've both been to some incredible gigs and seen a vast list of fantastic acts. What is the best set you have ever witnessed?

Tom: Depends if you're talking live or Dj . Live i've seen incredible gigs by people like Prince , The Cure , Primal Scream , The Pixies , Daft Punk . DJ wise though it's definately Erol Alkan - probably the only dj who consistently blows my mind everytime i see him.

Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U (Arizona 2004)

Denzi: Ok, let's get out your darkest secrets....What was your first CD ever purchased, and your most beloved album of all time?

Tom: Well it wasn't a CD but first album i ever bought was Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants . Favourite is a bit harder but Bowie's Ziggy Stardust , Prince's Sign of the times , Saint Etienne's Fox Base Alpha , Pixies Doolittle , Throwing Muses the real ramona and Daft Punk's Homework are just some of my faves.

Denzi: Tom. Every DJ has a one shocker of a night in their career, believe me, I've had plently. (Kidding!...but seriously I have problems with the CD Eject button when I'm pissed!). Would you kindly enlighten our readers to your worst experience as a DJ?

Tom: I've had plenty as well , usually involving being booked for somewhere totally unsuitable where i get r'n'b requests all night! Through my own fault though it has to be when i was still playing vinyl and took the needle off the deck that was playing in front of 2000 people . Funny afterwards but at the time mortifying.

McMess: Picture this: you're getting phonecalls and texts flying in left, right and centre from all sorts of musicians asking you to produce their new record - it's all kicking off big time! Whose dotted line do you sign upon? Whose record do you produce, Tom?

Tom: Here's some great new acts coming through who i'd love to produce - people like Fenech Soler (who i've just remixed) , In Flagranti and the Young Fathers . If we're talking fantasy scenario though it would be Prince , Missy Elliot or Queens of the Stone Age.

McMess: We're sort of semi-obsessed with finding the perfect remixes, trawling through blog after blog. Are there any recent tracks released you'd love to have a pop at to make us both very sweaty, dancing men?

Tom: Yeah i think something like the Arctics Crying Lightning could have a huge mix built around that riff - would be fun but i think unlikely. Would also love to have a go at some of the Beyond the Wizards sleeve stuff.

McMess: Metripolis, is your night in the infamous Moles club in Bath. What steps did you go through to establish it?

Tom: Basically i just convinced the club i could pack it out every month as there was nothing else like it in Bath and then i went and booked all the dj's i really wanted to play with which is still pretty much the formula today. Simple but effective.

McMess: Personally, I think Annie Mac is a bit saucy. Earlier this year you did a set alongside her in Bath's very own Moles club last year, which got everyone it town very excited indeed. What was she like to work with? Did she smell of roses? Did she look even more radiant in real life?

Tom: She's great - she was our resident in 2007 and so i've played with her loads and she's always lovely and radiant! She's always been really supportive of the stuff i do and picked me for a radio1 essential mix so i owe her a lot. Doesn't always smell of roses after a 2 hour set in a sweaty club though i would imagine, but i don't know as i don't tend to go round sniffing our guests!!!

Denzi: So, you are known for having some big names at metripolis so far...including 'The Subs', 'Erol Akan', 'Tom Neville', 'Annie Mac', 'Deekline', Freestylers', 'Grum', as well as others. What have you got lined up for the latter half of this year and next year? Any big names?

Tom: We've got some huge stuff - Fake Blood , Erol and Annie coming back , Kris Menace , Groove Armada and loads more i'm waiting for confirmation on.

Denzi: Right. Let's talk business. You have new EP telling out, this is exciting times Mr Maddicott!Would you be so kind to tell us and our readers all about it?

Tom: Yeah it's called the Ravor ep and is coming out on Gung-Ho recordings at the beginning of October . The 2 tracks are Ravor which is built around a huge riff and bumping bassline - i've included the youtube link to the video for you - and the second is an acidic banger called Lord of Loud . I've also got a track i did with Tom Neville called Suspirience coming out soon as well as a new tune , Boomstick , and several remixes. Fingers crossed people will like them but we've had some really cool feedback so far which is good.

McMess: Finally, we love a good packet of crisps. If we gave you 50 pence with strict instructions to spend on your favourite pack, what would you go for?

Tom: Gotta be Roast Beef Monster Munch or salt and vinegar Walkers.

Denzi and McMess: Cheers Tom.


You can check Tom out at his myspace. Or catch him at his signature nights 'Metripolis' or 'RAARGH' at Moles club.

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