Friday, 28 August 2009

Mike Skinner and Pat Sharp.

Alrite pals. Just a short post for two massive choons.

The first one I'm chucking your way is a dubstep remix by Marco Del Horno of 'Slow Song' by Mike Skinner off 'the Streets', and 'Giggs', who is a south London mixtape man. It's banging. Some great bouncey wubs in there, whilst keeping the bliss of the chorus from Skinner's fine London voice.

Mike Skinner and Giggs - Slow Song (Marco del Horno remix)

The remix was so good, they made a edited a new video for it.

Next up, Pat Sharpe's 'Funhouse' remixed by 16Bit, which I posted ages ago. Well...It's amazingly sick, and very innovative with some lovely sampling......with added disgusting darkness.

16Bit - Funhouse <---------Denzi higly recommends.

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