Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hoot's man!

Alreeeeeeeet there!! (scottish accent). Denzi posting here all the way from Edinburgh to all you lovely cunts. Been busy doing a musical as a frog,turkey,gay goose and swan innit. As the saying goes, 'If you're in a musical, you are a real man'. Or as the saying doesn't go 'If you're in a musical, you are a real man'.
Anyways, I've found abit more bandwidth to download tracks with, so I'm progressively getting up to date with the last week and a half of my life I missed.
Just check this out.
Out on September 25th is Boys Noize newwww LP, Power (Schnitzel). And this is a track from the album which frankly tickles both the balls in my sack.
Also, some dude dances his ass off to the song which also tickles my balls.
Check this out, It's an amazing track and I want to find out where to download it pronto.

Jeffer-Boys Noize (youtube vid blaad)

Peas from Edinburgh Fringe!

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