Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Braaaand New Chase and Status.

Mornin! Just thought I'd share with you this new track. Zane Lowe dropped this at Glastonbury, when he was DJing off against Mikey Streets - which I was evidently listening to in the shower. This was a WORRRLDD exclusive when Zane dropped it, and now we're giving it to you for free, only 4 days later. Chase and Status remixes White Lies, and the singer has a great voice for the song and small little 80s synths in it work really nicely. Just get on this Big remix, now.

White Lies - Death (Chase and Status Remix)

You can buy most of Chase and Status's stuff here.

Monday, 29 June 2009

The Red-Haired One

Ok, so you've won a local Ashe Palmer look-a-like competition and have been presented with a big fat cheque for £180, with explicit instructions to blow the entire lot in one fell swoop. What do you do now? Well, ideally I'd be replacing my seemingly vintage 1930s iPod or maybe placing a generous bid on eBay for one of Michael Jackson's last ever bogeys. Realistically, my 180 smackers would most probably be tossed into the faces of John James Sainsbury and Colonel Sanders in exchange for booze and Wicked Zinger Tower box meals, respectively.
A much healthier option, however, would be saving it to buy 30.1 copies of La Roux's self-entitled debut album (although I heard polycarbonate plastic disks can be deceivingly calorific?) For sure, I wouldn't have done what 137,500 braved to do and put all their chips into the Glastonbury pot, hoping that everyone and anyone decent would be headlining. I am now extremely satisfied knowing that my prize money has contributed towards steepening the slope to my inevitable obesity crisis, as apposed to buying a ticket to watch Neil 'not so' Young, Bruce 'not my fucking boss' Shitsteen, Madness, Franz 'why are you still boring?' Ferdinand and Kasabashite. Why are these bands/artists/mugs still around? Weren't they liiiiiiiiiiike famous in liiiiiiike the 18th century or something init?
On the up side - Lady Gaga's
arse = turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mess! Let's hope the BBC Three highlights will just be her spinning round on that little podium, looped over and over and over and over and over (like a monkey with a miniture symbol?) again.
Undeniably Mike and Emily's biggest mistake was shoving La Roux's live performance somewhere amongst the, albeit amazing, line up within the East Dance tent. Her new album is out today and I've been listening to it all morning. Unsurprisingly, it's up there with the very best albums of the year, so scrape together what pence you have left after buying Tom Jones t-shirts and Strongbow to buy it here.

La Roux - Bulletproof (Just A Band Remix)
La Roux - Bulletproof (Midfield General Remix)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wham! you're dead.

Ever thought about which song would be the last one you'd hear before flying head first into a tree trunk? Nah, nor had I until my girlfriend tried to set a new lap record around the country lanes of East Sussex. Eyebrows contracted; cars blurred by. Tears streamed down cheeks; the passenger-side grab handle snapped off. Hedgehogs mashed into kerbs; soon I'd be joining them. At 150mph round a hairpin, I realised that visions of 'my life flashing before my eyes' were accompanied by a soundtrack. From this point on, all I could think about was the fact that I was going to die whilst listening to Wham! This is one for Ashe Palmer.

Wham! - Everything She Wants

I hope MJ's ambulance had this pumped whilst rushing him to l'hopital de UCLA:
The Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson (Calvin Harris Remix)

Extra: So, la Justice may have left the Ed Banger crew for Elektra glory, but who cares when SebastiAn is now taking the throne with debut live sets like zis:

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Funhouse+16bit+Dubstep=Friggin sick.

Sorry about the delay, Uni happens, work happens, but number one YOU happen. I couldn't keep away from this place for too long. But you must check out this video. MUST. I've featured 16 Bit before, and he's a even bigger name on the scene since I last talked about him.


(More songs to follow today)

Cheers then!