Thursday, 23 April 2009


Wow, Matthew (or should I say Denzi?) has been busy. Allowing him to gradually become bored has its effects then. Ok, so the roots of our 'smoothest gooch' concept sprout from our addiction to music blogs, Hype Machine, groinal grooming (of which he does none of) and the ambition of mentioning Ashe Palmer in every one of my posts. With such inspiration we thought it would make sense to start our own blog, enabling us to share music with our friends and unloved ones. In truth, we should both be educating our brains with geographical and fairy knowledge respectively, but then again we don't seem to do a lot of that anyway. This blog will therefore fill gaps which would otherwise be occupied by over-indulged Spankwire sessions. [Thank me later].
Thankfully I'm not going to babble on and bore you with where I'm from and what size my ballet shoes are, so I will cut straight to the chase.

GOOD NEWS: With bloody brilliant timing, it appears that my three favourite producers have all released new EPs recently.

Regardless of some silly things I've been hearing (mostly codswallop from Denzi) about Danger's new EP being a bit disappointing, I am easily the biggest fan of his work in this city and highly rate it (especially as the rest of the citie's population has the High School Musical OST at the top of their iTunes most played).
Although I have been anticipating EP III a.k.a. 09/16/2007 for well over a year now, I have to admit I did take me a few listens of new track 88H88 to really get into it. It's subsequently overtaken 'Something About Us' as the most played track on my iPod. Mental. Must have left it on repeat in my pocket?

Danger - 88H88

Check the man himself dropping it live a couple of months ago in NYC:

DatA's been quiet for a while as well. However, his new EP 'One In A Million' is out next week. Keep your eyes peeled for his album coming out later this year. This guy's the best in the business.

DatA - One In A Million (Club Version)

Hopefully tomorrow night I will be shaking hands with this nice-looking young man: or at least being sick in his folder of cds (a sign of respect of course) in Moles.
GRUM's new single Runaway is probably the most beautiful electro track I've ever heard and even approved by my least favourite mate - Zane Lowe. Well done Zane, got there in the end. Seriously though, my mind veers off into all sorts of Claudia Cardinale fantasties during the last 124 seconds of this track. I can only apologise for it's 128kbps condition.
Cue the synchronised wet dreams...

GRUM - Runaway

BAD NEWS: Poor Saints

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