Thursday, 23 April 2009

A light snack of filthy Dubstep.

Filth filth, spit and filth. 'Rusko' is a well known chap for big old filthy choons. 'DJ Primecuts' is just as well known for being a filthy, being one half of the turntabilism crew 'Scratch Perverts.

I recently came across
Rusko's 'Day'N'night' cover, and oh boy - Trombone players out there who took it up to grade one and gave up, there's a nostalgic treat for you. Apart from that, there's some wonky 2-step Dub, and oh boy is it smart. I will infact be dropping this abit. Also, included is another Soundsystem Banger. Seriously, Pro Nails has been around a while but this song will never get old.

Day'N'night - Kid Kudi (Rusko's Big Trumbone Remix)
Pro Nails - Kid Sister (Rusko Remix)

You can find Rusko in all his glory at his next gig, here. Or stalk him HERE. You can find Rusko in Bristol, (for all thou locals out there) on the 9th of May at Thekla.

DJ Primecuts, one side of Scratch Perverts has released very proposing records of late. Check out the latest productions, the Cockney Thug one is particulary good I think, for summer's days in Bath driving around the tourists blaring Bricktop's words with my window's open are just particular amuzing. Slightly more interesting than the original. Oh yeah, and the 'GASH' remix is forking huge. Your stomach might fall out on listening to it.

Cockney Thug - Rusko (DJ Primecuts remix)
GASH - Scratch Perverts (DJ Primecuts Itchy Naaan rerub)

Hunt him down here at his Myspace, and find out that one of his favourite video is this, which McMess and myself just now found pretty smirk inducing.

And talking of things amazing, check out my main man Bobby Mcferrin. I reckon he could beatbox dubstep with his low wubby like voice. Also, look out for a spectacled man in the crowd. Cotton Mouth anyone?

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