Friday, 24 April 2009

Kissy Sell Out = Legend.

Kissy Sell Out is a fine chap - and he just looks so fuckin' cool dammit. I would like to be his friend, I think the both of us would bond together. Just this morning I Kissy updated his podcast, and released a lovely edit of 'Head over Heels' by Tears for Fears. I mean, it's pretty simple. But, who doesn't love the film Donnie Darko?

Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears ( Kissy Klub Version)

The new remix was just a reminder to enlighten me to Kissy's new LP coming out soon, 15th of June to be precise. I got a email from the Kissy Klub just now...and it states:

"the songs on my album "youth" are all written about my childhood in essex, and apple jelly is about some of my memories from sixth form college, the may ball and sneaking off to the art block on my lunch hour hehe, the album's out 15th june!"

Sounds exciting Kissy, I perhaps wasn't sneaking off behind the 'art block' in my lunch-hour though. I was at a boys school. Going to the art block at lunch is a precise way to get shafted. Anyway, to be precise - excitement levels are running high. So high, that you can download the track for free at his site here, which is a track called 'Apple Jelly' which is abit of alright - and all you gotta do is put in your email! Simple as mate. Here are afew splendifourous tracks of his.

The Kiss - Kissy Sell Out (Jack Beats Remix) ----100% sick----
Nightswimming - REM (Kissy Sell Out Remix, Bmore edit) -99% sick-
Merrymaking at my place - Calvin Harris (Kissy Sell out Remix)

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