Tuesday, 21 April 2009

In For the Kill

La Roux has made it large, and broke into popularity to the masses. So large infact that many many people love to remix her newest popular song. In For the Kill has found itself useful of late to many remix artists, and with those chilling high eerie vocals who wouldn't?!?!So it's no wonder why everyone just can't get enough. I'll give it another 4 weeks before everyone forgets about it though and moves onto Bonkers by Dizzy Rascal as the next big thing.

The remixes of the song that I have collected so far range from amazingly good, to amazingly unimpressive. The Hostage remix has some killer old school club piano featured in it and is probably my favourite.
In For The Kill (Hostage Remix)

The Skream and Foamo remix has some lovely soft dub in it which let's the vocals breathe and show off their beauty, and will compliment any set featuring sickening bass.
In for the Kill (Skream vs Foamo Remix)

The Skream let's get ravey remix doesn't really do it for me. It just goes nowhere, then add's some drums at the end. I like skream, but this is pretty boring. But other's like it, hey-ho..........
In For The Kill (Skreams Let's Get Ravey Mix)

.....However, the Last Japan Skream reEdit takes everything boring about Skream's let's get ravey and improves upon it, with some lovely pulsating wub dub in there. You want this.
In For the Kill (Last Japan Scream ReEdit)

L-Vis 1990 RIP
brings this bouncy remix, which you many think is slighty too bouncy until the gorgeous break around 3 minutes. Judge for yourself.
In For The Kill (L-Vis 1990 RIP Hyper Bass Remix)

And finally....Like 80s Synth? Like In for the Kill? Well the Lifelike remix is for you!! A lovely different take on the song from these Parisian producers.
In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix)

Annnnd...if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, and you have been a hostage in Nigeria for the last six months and just been released today - here is the original.
In For the Kill (Original)

La Roux album comes out on the 15/6/09, and hopefully is packing a punch. And the way she's moved through the electro scene already, I'm sure it'll be a hit and fingers crossed will knock Lady GaCun*t 'Queen of apparent pop' off the airwaves forever.Cross them so hard they hurt. You can preorder the album here and find more about the fantastical world of La Roux here.

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