Thursday, 23 April 2009

Human After All

Oh my goodness, I really am on a bit of a Denzi-esque flurry here. Two posts in one day? It just doesn't seem right to me and it promotes yours truely as a very bored individual. However, I have good reason to do so. Compared to the other blog sites we're pretty slow with this news but the title has been reverborating around the blogs these past couple of days so we thought we'd fill you in too.
To celebrate Busy P's birthday Cinespace through him a massive party with the whole Ed Rec team + Kavinsky + A-Trak and one very very special mate. And no it wasn't Ashe Palmer before you ask. Now, although the best quality videos have been removed as requested by Busy P himself, I have located a couple of alternatives which will provide more than enough evidence for what can only be described as an extremely rare event.

This is, geographically, as close as I've been to Thomas: Photobucket


BOOM! And here's the man mixing his Rollin' N Scratchin' into Justice's 'Genesis'.

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