Saturday, 25 April 2009



Well first of all I think I owe you an apology for the pretty poor photograph above. It's no surprise photography doesn't traditionally come as a mixer for double Rum or Jamesons. Massively massively hungover today.

GOOD NEWS: Mission success - We met GRUM. Shook his hand, had a wee chat with him about some of his work and remixes as well as a proposed interview (Denzi's refreshing his MySpace inbox every 10 seconds. Still no reply)! Lovely chap.
So for just over 2 hours, Moles club was filled to the brim with very freshly cut electro delights and an aroma of doobage coming from a corner-hugging, shadey looking rodent (with many fingers pointed in his direction). No, alas, it wasn't Ashe Palmer.
The following videos document the embarrassing mess I got myself into last night; pointing and shouting "I love fucking GRUM-a-dum! GRUM-a-dum!" at the young man in the booth, trying to do his job. I think we even ended up chanting his name during Go Back.

BAD NEWS: Our Tyneside correspondant, James (who's well "mint!"), has informed us that after we left he ended up having a mini dance off with GRUM. Bastard!

This is me looking really happy about meeting GRUM. Mad props to a very intoxicated Denzi for his professional photography skills.

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