Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gin, and how it spoils saturdays in the potential sunshine.

----Yep, this picture sums up last night----

Yeah. Pretttty messy. Feeelinng abitt woaaaaaahhhh to say the least today. Clinging on to the sofa for dear life. However, it is a state which was better than McMess last night to say the least. Let's not divulge any further. Anyway.

Last night was wicked yessss and we had lots of fun meeting GRUM yess and I might have been too friendly with boys promoting this blog
'Yeahhh check it out, its htttp/, you got that? I'll write it on a piece of paper and give it to you?!'...
...Which is infact what I did to GRUM. He has my writing. I'm well in there. GRUM, if you are reading this at the moment, I do apologise. However, you havn't got back to me on Myspace about the interview sooooo I think we are equal, I emailed you a while ago and according to Myspace you've already logged in today bla bla bla chat mumble......whatever. But seriously, get in touch.

So, being quite hungover today, I couldn't stomach too much crunchy tastelets of electro music, so I went into the world of Mashups. Which are generally pretty Sh*t. But here's afew I enjoyed in my 'gin-induced-morning-after' state. Enjoy.

Let there Be Love - Justice vs Kanye (Party Ben Remix)
Smells like Me - Nirvana vs Eminem (??? Remix)
Comfortable Up Here - Lil Wayne vs Royksopp (??? Remix) - Sweet as -
Free Adidas - Run DMC vs Tom Petty (DJ BC Remix)


Touch Me 2009 - Uandme -----Mate.Yes.------

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