Saturday, 18 April 2009


So, well, this is it really! The first post in a beautiful adventure filled with luscious electro delights, and anything else on the way really! This blog is really an effort into bringing good music to deserving people. AKA you. AKA please be our friend.

Now, abit about the one of the two people bringing this blog to you (Me). I'm not going to use real names - just DJ Alias, for in the future who knows what illegal things we may do unknowingly - The music industry is a risky mutha.

Ok, my name is Denzi. Originally from North of London. I like crumpets, butter and garlic. I also love disgustingly filthy electro, french electro, electro house, electro wank,dubstep,Hip Hop,RnB, DnB,lovely music and everthing electro inbetween. I'm a DJ in the Bath/Bristol area who is one day going to become famous for either acting or music - watch this space. Nice to meet you all.
Here are bumper pack of tracks to sum up my tastes.

Sebastian Tellier - La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Mix)
Kissy Sell Out - The Kiss (Jack Beats Remix)
SebAstian - Motor
Daft Punk - Make Love
Nero - This Way
Tellier and Oizo - Bonhomme
Trippple Nipples - RIP Meat

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