Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Walkin' on the Beaches, Looking at the Tits.

'The Stranglers' break into Dubstep with the help of the Northerner, Roland Dubbs. Mr Dubbs was a man with love for house music. Now he has definatly a love for Dubstep. And, well, good on the chap - lets hope for some more heavy sh*t like this in the near future.

Peaches - Stranglers (Roland Dubbs Mouldy Peaches Remix)

PS. BOY that picture got me right in the mood. Did it do it for you? Email me for more.


PPS. On the theme of Beaches and Sun. Check this new Dubstep track out for a lovely chilled out sample. Big stuff from George Lenton.

Island In the Sun - George Lenton ------ Yeah man, Cool.

This article is about radio as a technology.

I really should be working. Or at the very least procrastinating. Then again it's hard to do either of them when your living/working conditions are like this. It seems am not Ashe Palmer in disguise and definitely have issues when it comes to prioritising. I'm sorry but in my books The 40 Year Old Virgin takes priority over slope failures and piezometric pressure surfaces. You get me? Safe.

Monday nights not only mean a lot of brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! and puuurrrrrrrrrr, but it also brings about our weekly Radio Show. This provides Denzi and myself with the perfect opportunity to broadcast just how mature we really are, spending a good chunk of an hour shouting a collection of our favourite swears whilst our co-producer, Mister Bibby clings tightly to the mic, trying to keep things on the straight and narrow i.e.

Now, I'm sure you all tuned into tonights show, between the hours of 20:00 and 21:00, yes? Well... you didn't because due to 'software problems' it was never broadcast. Boooooooooooooooo!!!
However, guess what I have...

Mister Bibby/Denzi/McMess - Radio Show 27.04.09

MAD stage props to Mister Bibby for whipping this over to us before heading out to nail someone round the back of Club XL tonight. One love.

BONUS: In response to a track Denzi threw up on his first post I found this earlier and think I might have won the thumb war.

Trippple Nippples - RIP MEAT (Bestrack Remix)

I like nipples.

Monday, 27 April 2009

I Poke Her Face. Kanye Style.

Bored of the song 'Pokerface' by Lady Gaga? Yeah. So was I - as soon as I heard it. However, this version is much better. And it's got Kanye West, A-Trak (Kanye's personal DJ), Kid Cudi and Common. AND, it's about blowjobs. Probably wouldn't mind a good old blowie from Lady Gaga though........I'd just knock her out afterwards because I can't stand the b*tch.

I Poke Her Face - Kanye West, A-Trak, Kid Cudi and Common

What is Love?

Just before I hit the sack....then go to bed. Ha. Found this stomping electro re-work of 'What Is Love' by
Haddaway brought to us by the bigman himself, DJ Bartletta. Brace your stomach for some hard electro crunches.

Haddaway - What Is Love (DJ Bartletta Remix)

PS. That is Will Ferrel in the picture in like one of his first films 'Night at the Roxbury'....the original song features in the film. The film itself is pretty gash but does have that cracking song in it. Sweet.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Ah no. Uni Work Season....

....And things are about to get hectic. Last 6 weeks of Uni about to begin now, if not already.

This tune is probably the most topical thing I can think of, even though it may have been banging around awhile, but I'm gonna post it - because its presicely what McMess's printer will sound like when I ask him to print off all my Uni work for me. Presicely '1 gizillion' pages. Enjoy.

And I have a spiffing downloadable one here:

Mistabishi - Printer Jam

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gin, and how it spoils saturdays in the potential sunshine.

----Yep, this picture sums up last night----

Yeah. Pretttty messy. Feeelinng abitt woaaaaaahhhh to say the least today. Clinging on to the sofa for dear life. However, it is a state which was better than McMess last night to say the least. Let's not divulge any further. Anyway.

Last night was wicked yessss and we had lots of fun meeting GRUM yess and I might have been too friendly with boys promoting this blog
'Yeahhh check it out, its htttp/, you got that? I'll write it on a piece of paper and give it to you?!'...
...Which is infact what I did to GRUM. He has my writing. I'm well in there. GRUM, if you are reading this at the moment, I do apologise. However, you havn't got back to me on Myspace about the interview sooooo I think we are equal, I emailed you a while ago and according to Myspace you've already logged in today bla bla bla chat mumble......whatever. But seriously, get in touch.

So, being quite hungover today, I couldn't stomach too much crunchy tastelets of electro music, so I went into the world of Mashups. Which are generally pretty Sh*t. But here's afew I enjoyed in my 'gin-induced-morning-after' state. Enjoy.

Let there Be Love - Justice vs Kanye (Party Ben Remix)
Smells like Me - Nirvana vs Eminem (??? Remix)
Comfortable Up Here - Lil Wayne vs Royksopp (??? Remix) - Sweet as -
Free Adidas - Run DMC vs Tom Petty (DJ BC Remix)


Touch Me 2009 - Uandme -----Mate.Yes.------



Well first of all I think I owe you an apology for the pretty poor photograph above. It's no surprise photography doesn't traditionally come as a mixer for double Rum or Jamesons. Massively massively hungover today.

GOOD NEWS: Mission success - We met GRUM. Shook his hand, had a wee chat with him about some of his work and remixes as well as a proposed interview (Denzi's refreshing his MySpace inbox every 10 seconds. Still no reply)! Lovely chap.
So for just over 2 hours, Moles club was filled to the brim with very freshly cut electro delights and an aroma of doobage coming from a corner-hugging, shadey looking rodent (with many fingers pointed in his direction). No, alas, it wasn't Ashe Palmer.
The following videos document the embarrassing mess I got myself into last night; pointing and shouting "I love fucking GRUM-a-dum! GRUM-a-dum!" at the young man in the booth, trying to do his job. I think we even ended up chanting his name during Go Back.

BAD NEWS: Our Tyneside correspondant, James (who's well "mint!"), has informed us that after we left he ended up having a mini dance off with GRUM. Bastard!

This is me looking really happy about meeting GRUM. Mad props to a very intoxicated Denzi for his professional photography skills.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Kissy Sell Out = Legend.

Kissy Sell Out is a fine chap - and he just looks so fuckin' cool dammit. I would like to be his friend, I think the both of us would bond together. Just this morning I Kissy updated his podcast, and released a lovely edit of 'Head over Heels' by Tears for Fears. I mean, it's pretty simple. But, who doesn't love the film Donnie Darko?

Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears ( Kissy Klub Version)

The new remix was just a reminder to enlighten me to Kissy's new LP coming out soon, 15th of June to be precise. I got a email from the Kissy Klub just now...and it states:

"the songs on my album "youth" are all written about my childhood in essex, and apple jelly is about some of my memories from sixth form college, the may ball and sneaking off to the art block on my lunch hour hehe, the album's out 15th june!"

Sounds exciting Kissy, I perhaps wasn't sneaking off behind the 'art block' in my lunch-hour though. I was at a boys school. Going to the art block at lunch is a precise way to get shafted. Anyway, to be precise - excitement levels are running high. So high, that you can download the track for free at his site here, which is a track called 'Apple Jelly' which is abit of alright - and all you gotta do is put in your email! Simple as mate. Here are afew splendifourous tracks of his.

The Kiss - Kissy Sell Out (Jack Beats Remix) ----100% sick----
Nightswimming - REM (Kissy Sell Out Remix, Bmore edit) -99% sick-
Merrymaking at my place - Calvin Harris (Kissy Sell out Remix)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

A light snack of filthy Dubstep.

Filth filth, spit and filth. 'Rusko' is a well known chap for big old filthy choons. 'DJ Primecuts' is just as well known for being a filthy, being one half of the turntabilism crew 'Scratch Perverts.

I recently came across
Rusko's 'Day'N'night' cover, and oh boy - Trombone players out there who took it up to grade one and gave up, there's a nostalgic treat for you. Apart from that, there's some wonky 2-step Dub, and oh boy is it smart. I will infact be dropping this abit. Also, included is another Soundsystem Banger. Seriously, Pro Nails has been around a while but this song will never get old.

Day'N'night - Kid Kudi (Rusko's Big Trumbone Remix)
Pro Nails - Kid Sister (Rusko Remix)

You can find Rusko in all his glory at his next gig, here. Or stalk him HERE. You can find Rusko in Bristol, (for all thou locals out there) on the 9th of May at Thekla.

DJ Primecuts, one side of Scratch Perverts has released very proposing records of late. Check out the latest productions, the Cockney Thug one is particulary good I think, for summer's days in Bath driving around the tourists blaring Bricktop's words with my window's open are just particular amuzing. Slightly more interesting than the original. Oh yeah, and the 'GASH' remix is forking huge. Your stomach might fall out on listening to it.

Cockney Thug - Rusko (DJ Primecuts remix)
GASH - Scratch Perverts (DJ Primecuts Itchy Naaan rerub)

Hunt him down here at his Myspace, and find out that one of his favourite video is this, which McMess and myself just now found pretty smirk inducing.

And talking of things amazing, check out my main man Bobby Mcferrin. I reckon he could beatbox dubstep with his low wubby like voice. Also, look out for a spectacled man in the crowd. Cotton Mouth anyone?

Human After All

Oh my goodness, I really am on a bit of a Denzi-esque flurry here. Two posts in one day? It just doesn't seem right to me and it promotes yours truely as a very bored individual. However, I have good reason to do so. Compared to the other blog sites we're pretty slow with this news but the title has been reverborating around the blogs these past couple of days so we thought we'd fill you in too.
To celebrate Busy P's birthday Cinespace through him a massive party with the whole Ed Rec team + Kavinsky + A-Trak and one very very special mate. And no it wasn't Ashe Palmer before you ask. Now, although the best quality videos have been removed as requested by Busy P himself, I have located a couple of alternatives which will provide more than enough evidence for what can only be described as an extremely rare event.

This is, geographically, as close as I've been to Thomas: Photobucket


BOOM! And here's the man mixing his Rollin' N Scratchin' into Justice's 'Genesis'.


Wow, Matthew (or should I say Denzi?) has been busy. Allowing him to gradually become bored has its effects then. Ok, so the roots of our 'smoothest gooch' concept sprout from our addiction to music blogs, Hype Machine, groinal grooming (of which he does none of) and the ambition of mentioning Ashe Palmer in every one of my posts. With such inspiration we thought it would make sense to start our own blog, enabling us to share music with our friends and unloved ones. In truth, we should both be educating our brains with geographical and fairy knowledge respectively, but then again we don't seem to do a lot of that anyway. This blog will therefore fill gaps which would otherwise be occupied by over-indulged Spankwire sessions. [Thank me later].
Thankfully I'm not going to babble on and bore you with where I'm from and what size my ballet shoes are, so I will cut straight to the chase.

GOOD NEWS: With bloody brilliant timing, it appears that my three favourite producers have all released new EPs recently.

Regardless of some silly things I've been hearing (mostly codswallop from Denzi) about Danger's new EP being a bit disappointing, I am easily the biggest fan of his work in this city and highly rate it (especially as the rest of the citie's population has the High School Musical OST at the top of their iTunes most played).
Although I have been anticipating EP III a.k.a. 09/16/2007 for well over a year now, I have to admit I did take me a few listens of new track 88H88 to really get into it. It's subsequently overtaken 'Something About Us' as the most played track on my iPod. Mental. Must have left it on repeat in my pocket?

Danger - 88H88

Check the man himself dropping it live a couple of months ago in NYC:

DatA's been quiet for a while as well. However, his new EP 'One In A Million' is out next week. Keep your eyes peeled for his album coming out later this year. This guy's the best in the business.

DatA - One In A Million (Club Version)

Hopefully tomorrow night I will be shaking hands with this nice-looking young man: or at least being sick in his folder of cds (a sign of respect of course) in Moles.
GRUM's new single Runaway is probably the most beautiful electro track I've ever heard and even approved by my least favourite mate - Zane Lowe. Well done Zane, got there in the end. Seriously though, my mind veers off into all sorts of Claudia Cardinale fantasties during the last 124 seconds of this track. I can only apologise for it's 128kbps condition.
Cue the synchronised wet dreams...

GRUM - Runaway

BAD NEWS: Poor Saints

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jokers of the Scene.

- But I ain't laffin. I'm just in awe. In awe of their new stuff really. Some of it's been lingering a
bout for the last few weeks/month - and since I've been off uni, escaping doing any work I have had time to sniff around at stuff I've missed. And Hell did I nearly miss something.

Jokers of the scene
are straight out of Ottawa, and describe themselves on their Myspace as 'Tropical/Emo/House'. I'm pretty sure that's a joke, because it's what I describe as 'crunchy/delicious/electro'. Thing is, they're different from Electro producers, for they seem to fuse deep juicy basslines with delicious balearic motifs over the top.

Congorock - Runark (Jokers of the scene remix---!!!100% Bliss!!!---
Muscles - The Lake (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
Thunderheist - Muscles (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
Jokers of the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (DZ Ravestep Remix)

If you're around London on the 12th of June, check out Club Trailor Trash for they are going to be there on that date, destroying all the furniture and absolutely killing the crowd. I'll be at front.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

In For the Kill

La Roux has made it large, and broke into popularity to the masses. So large infact that many many people love to remix her newest popular song. In For the Kill has found itself useful of late to many remix artists, and with those chilling high eerie vocals who wouldn't?!?!So it's no wonder why everyone just can't get enough. I'll give it another 4 weeks before everyone forgets about it though and moves onto Bonkers by Dizzy Rascal as the next big thing.

The remixes of the song that I have collected so far range from amazingly good, to amazingly unimpressive. The Hostage remix has some killer old school club piano featured in it and is probably my favourite.
In For The Kill (Hostage Remix)

The Skream and Foamo remix has some lovely soft dub in it which let's the vocals breathe and show off their beauty, and will compliment any set featuring sickening bass.
In for the Kill (Skream vs Foamo Remix)

The Skream let's get ravey remix doesn't really do it for me. It just goes nowhere, then add's some drums at the end. I like skream, but this is pretty boring. But other's like it, hey-ho..........
In For The Kill (Skreams Let's Get Ravey Mix)

.....However, the Last Japan Skream reEdit takes everything boring about Skream's let's get ravey and improves upon it, with some lovely pulsating wub dub in there. You want this.
In For the Kill (Last Japan Scream ReEdit)

L-Vis 1990 RIP
brings this bouncy remix, which you many think is slighty too bouncy until the gorgeous break around 3 minutes. Judge for yourself.
In For The Kill (L-Vis 1990 RIP Hyper Bass Remix)

And finally....Like 80s Synth? Like In for the Kill? Well the Lifelike remix is for you!! A lovely different take on the song from these Parisian producers.
In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix)

Annnnd...if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, and you have been a hostage in Nigeria for the last six months and just been released today - here is the original.
In For the Kill (Original)

La Roux album comes out on the 15/6/09, and hopefully is packing a punch. And the way she's moved through the electro scene already, I'm sure it'll be a hit and fingers crossed will knock Lady GaCun*t 'Queen of apparent pop' off the airwaves forever.Cross them so hard they hurt. You can preorder the album here and find more about the fantastical world of La Roux here.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Doorly Bumper Pack.

Doorly, is a man with a mission. Coming out of apparent nowhere, Huddersfield's finest DJ (That's right) has produced some extremely Kosher remixes. His latest work brings us a Dub Rework of Dizzee's upcoming single 'Bonkers' with Armand Van Helden. A bloody filthy choon for you dubheads out there.
Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal (Doorly remix)

Doorly has a habit of picking huge choons to rework, and also brought us a remix of Calvin Harris's 'I'm not Alone' which has been topping the club charts for a while now. If you havn't heard of this one, now is the time to get on it - and assess why you aren't cool enough to have this track in your dub collection yet.
Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Doorly Remix)

If you want to know more about Doorly, or try and be friends with him - you can check him out at his Myspace.
Bonus - The Theme of Being Alone

From 'I'm not Alone' to Olive's 'You're not Alone'. Mike Polo releases this lovely and simple little vocal electro house remix.
Olive - You're Not Alone (Mike Polo remix)

Mike Polo brought us other remixed club classic bangers such as 'I love you baby',which Jorgensen does a terrific job with. Good on the fella.
Mike Polo-I Luv U Baby (Jorgensen Remix)

Saturday, 18 April 2009


So, well, this is it really! The first post in a beautiful adventure filled with luscious electro delights, and anything else on the way really! This blog is really an effort into bringing good music to deserving people. AKA you. AKA please be our friend.

Now, abit about the one of the two people bringing this blog to you (Me). I'm not going to use real names - just DJ Alias, for in the future who knows what illegal things we may do unknowingly - The music industry is a risky mutha.

Ok, my name is Denzi. Originally from North of London. I like crumpets, butter and garlic. I also love disgustingly filthy electro, french electro, electro house, electro wank,dubstep,Hip Hop,RnB, DnB,lovely music and everthing electro inbetween. I'm a DJ in the Bath/Bristol area who is one day going to become famous for either acting or music - watch this space. Nice to meet you all.
Here are bumper pack of tracks to sum up my tastes.

Sebastian Tellier - La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Mix)
Kissy Sell Out - The Kiss (Jack Beats Remix)
SebAstian - Motor
Daft Punk - Make Love
Nero - This Way
Tellier and Oizo - Bonhomme
Trippple Nipples - RIP Meat