Friday, 31 January 2014

Hi this is rob, I just want to say thank you to anyone out there who liked my mcmess tunes & supported me over the years. its really appreciated. Massive thank you anyone who got my records & all producers, DJs, radio stations, labels, shops, writers, hookers & journalists.. anyone who played my tunes, gave them a listen, or thought they were fucking dog shit, made me want to end it all. wankers. Also shout out anyone who sent me shit dubstep tunes, messages, anyone I met along the way & a big shout out to anyone who supports or does independent & underground music.
I want to do some new tunes this year to send to my boss Denzi and the label because they’ve been going 10 years now and have stuck by me. Hopefully by the end of most years I have done some tunes that are decent enough to release. but Mario Kart 64 is on the horizon soon so I’m not sure if I will have many new tunes for a while because I need to play that game a lot again. But I’m going to try to get some new tunes together before it comes out. Also I want to go and find some old bitches I did that still look alright and never let me come... It would be nice to finally put some 7" in  them one day. 
Also I want to tell my Mum my Dad my brother and my sister that I love them to bits. Big shout out to the UK & no one else. Cheers & respect to everyone and anyone including titus bramble and eric pickles…be safe & take care

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

maybe melody maker were right

In 1992 old Tom Bangalter and Guy-Man de Homem-Christo were in a band called Darlin' with that dude from Phoenix. It was a shoddy attempt at paying homage (said in a very thick French accent) to The Beach Boys, have a listen below if you don't believe me.

Melody Maker poignantly described the single as, to paraphrase, "a load of daft punk shite". We all know what happened next.

20 years and a whole generation of house music later, Daft Punk have freshly defecated their most eagerly anticipated LP: Random Access Memories. Let's establish that Daft Punk are synonymous with, initially, Chicago House and, latterly, French House. Black Eyed Peas were big dawgs in the hip hop playground. But then went and did this and then this and for some reason this. To compare, Daft Punk have gone and made tracks such as 'Instant Crush' and 'Fragments of Time'. The album's about as far removed from debut Homework and 2005's Human After All as you can get and instead sounds more like two old men trying to recreate Discovery without the use of samples. Let's not forget, Tom and Guy-Man are both approaching their forties and it's clear that they've reached a point in their careers where they want to give dad rock a crack. Hang on, wasn't Randon Access Memories meant to be disco? The biggest disco album since disco ball-shaped sliced bread? The album is about as disco as a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Oh well.

'Give Life Back to Music' - right yes, here we go this should get the party started! Oh. We should have known after the first 16 seconds of the record that it would reflect the following 4440. This is confirmed a further 30 seconds later when some rather weak vocoder vocals disturb hand claps, funky Nile Rodgers guitar riffs and a warm, inviting bassline.

'The Game of Love' has subtle echoes of 'Digital Love' and 'Something About Us' and is sort of sexual and sensual but at this point I'm starting to wonder how much vocoder there is going to be throughout the 74 minutes. Maybe they'll vocoder this Giorgio Moroder monologue we've all been waiting to hear. Not this time, it's just his miscellaneous continental European accent. I have to admit I was hoping for an epic Jeff Bridge's "...I got in" moment from TRON but instead we're left with the godfather of electronic music waffling on about having a threesome with his zynzerzizers in the back of his car. Yes we have 9 minutes of Moroder, OK 7 and a half minus the moment of dementia. Maybe it'll be another 'Too Long'? No, it's half vintage Moroder and half Propellorheads B-side.

Chilly Gonzales then suggests that the French have lost their romantic je ne sais quoi. As suspected, 3/4 of the album is dominated by vocoder at this point. The song isn't very arousing and leaves a bit of a garlicy taste in the mouth. The less said about 'Instant Crush' the better. This is probably the marmite song of the album, some will love Julian Casablancas' contribution, others will think it sounds like another wanky soft-rock-meets-pop single rolled out by The Strokes post-Is This It. Please don't drag Daft Punk down with you, Julian.

'Lose Yourself To Dance' offers some relief from a shady 10 minutes. It announces itself with Pharrell giving us some 'throwback' 70's vocals juxtaposed by yet more vocoders, albeit ones that climax very effectively in a HBFS style. You can dance to it! Fading out to some echoey, futuristic synth pads that would happily sit well on an early Air album introduce 'Touch'. Paul Williams completely ruins this track. Starting off sounding like Frank the bunny from Donnie Darko, he then bizarrely turns into Hugh Jackman from Les Mis. All sorts of stuff is going on with this track; it tries too many things. One minute it's ambiance in deep space, the next it's a cheesy Disney razzamatazz. The strings and choir are nice at the end though.

I prefer the radio edit of 'Get Lucky'. The intro and outro to 'Beyond' and entirety of 'Motherboard' will please those who loved the TRON OST synth. It can't be a coincidence that these are the two most genuine tracks on the album and had no production assistance. The former utilises the vocoder to its full potential and, echoed by strings and a slide guitar, makes for a lovely song. I love Todd Edwards but, mate, stick to chopping edits. 'Fragments of Time' is no Face to Face and by far the worst or as the American's would put it 'most goofy' track on RAM.

I like 'Doin' it Right' featuring Panda Bear of Animal Collective. It's Daft Punk's most contemporary track on the album. Imagine The Beach Boys giving downtempo R&B a go. Random Access Memories concludes with a collaboration with old chum DJ Falcon. It's French. It's very French. The opening minute is anyway. It could be anyone from DatA, Danger, Air, Sebastian Tellier or Justice. Or all of them in a room trying to fix two malfunctioning robots. None of them have a Phillips head screwdriver though and end up throwing together another Propellorheads live breakbeat with Rollin' & Scratchin' thrown in for good measure.

I've just finished my third listen of the album. I think this is enough listens to give a rational opinion on what I've just heard. My conclusion is that, on the whole, I can't help but feel disappointed like I'm sure a lot of passionate Daft Punk fans feel at this moment. I want to be optimistic and say "I don't like it yet" and fool myself into thinking that I might warm to it after a further 50 playbacks. It did take me half a dozen to really appreciate the vibe of 'Get Lucky'. The truth is I will never love this album anywhere near as much as Discovery. I believe that those claiming this is a 'breath-taking', even 'flawless' album are in denial. For sure, Random Access Memories took my breath away, but for all the wrong reasons.

McMess (see you in another year...)

Monday, 5 March 2012

monkers mix

Between wanks, Monkers has very kindly thrown together an exclusive mix for us, and I say 'thrown together' in the politest way possible because it's dreadful. We didn't even ask for it to be honest but beggars can't be choosers.
I say all of the above with a rather fat tongue pressed against the inside of my cheek; I absolutely love the man and even got out of bed 5 minutes early to download it for the commute.
I like the mix so much I decided to scribble a few notes whilst getting my first hit of it.

Download Monkers The Smoothest Gooch Mix


rustie getting the wd40 out

There's a flaw to being a self-confessed perfectionist: imperfection. Rustie, a wee bairn who tampered so much with his final draft of Glass Swords that it had to be completely re-mastered, is at it again. This time he's reworked the bouncing bass of album track 'Surph'. Can't decide whether I like it more than the original. I don't think I do.


Friday, 24 February 2012

a post i wanted to do

Sometimes we get bribed into doing a post. You want your piece of shit music or brostep featured on our blog? Well buy me a fucking kilo of Candy King and I'll plug you more than Denzi's arse down Shoreditch on a Friday night.

But then other times we get bullied. You see, this man, 'our friend' we'd call him, would incessantly bully poor hamster-brained Denzi and force him into doing things like biting girl's hair or running down the road naked. It was that or utter rejection.
After avoiding it for more than four years, it would appear that I have finally become the newest victim.
This is Mike Longman's second live tech house mix. Enjoy it or I'm in trouble.


dodge cops

Shuffling through a few papers, rummaging through a few drawers; I find this. At the top of the pile, with a note attached: "cheeky new track". Cheeky because they know they've taken a big step forward. This is big. This is Kado.


Thursday, 23 February 2012


Morning all.

This post comes today in the form of a tune which sends shivers down your spine but effortlessly makes you want to go to the nearest abandoned building (probably an old Woolworths) and move your feet endlessly to a beat which you'll never want to end.

Sirenize consists of 2 fellas named Rowan and Dennis. I'm not sure really who Rowan is, but Dennis who used to be in Orchestra with me back in the day, but he was the cool percussionist (He is actually a top drummer) who hardly said a word whereas I was the wannabe cool kid with sunglasses on his head indoors who played the French horn who wouldnt stop shouting his mouth off. Do the Math. Dennis has been producing tunes since he could lift a mouse (the computer kind), resulting in him knowing pretty much everything there is to know about producing and is going to help build own studio in a few months when I finally have the funds....(Cheers Dennis in advance).

Anyways as a result of his intensive drumming background, in his production you can really hear really strong driving percussive elements that take this tune to the next level, keeping your feet bopping whilst you're shuffling around that dusty 90s Warehouse; accompanied by a sinfully dark groove and a superbly hauting vocal stab "EVVVERRRYBOODYY" - Sirenize are on to a true winner.

The track is just a preview, tickling your taste buds till the full release later this year....

.....Did I mention it's being released on Bedrock? (Digweed's Label).



shuffle shuffled

Take this

and this

and you sort of get something like this


Monday, 20 February 2012

seb-jam phase 1

West London's finest goalie coach has been back in his yet-to-exist studio again to build what's looking like another series of mixes. Laid on the foundations of Progressive House, 'Under Construction... Phase 1' is the basement to a towering skyscraper of 2012 summer anthems.


Friday, 10 February 2012

loving the crew

Don't get me wrong I usually don't mind having a Rihanna song or the E.T. theme by John Williams stuck in my head for most of the day, but I was delighted to have this looping in there instead on this fine Friday.

Drake ft. The Weeknd - Crew Love (Vin Sol & 5kinAndBone5 Remix)